Here’s a selection of testimonials from some clients I’ve been honoured to work with.
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  • I have lost all the weight I had put on in the previous years – over 20 kilos indeed!! So I am really pleased but even more so as I did not think it was such a difficult process once I had learnt with you to understand and manage the psychological hunger and cravings.

     Isabelle T | Finance Manager

  • I could not make my life work for me and  I wanted to wake up and simply, feel good. Jacqueline gave me straight talking help. I got understanding and empowering help and a way, at last, to get control of my thoughts and feelings and make them work for me.

    Rebecca P | Nurse

  • Jacqueline, 6 sessions later and I am so glad I met Jacqueline. She worked so hard to move me on to a better place. I am eternally grateful to Jacqueline and cannot recommend her enough. Seriously, this woman is the BEST.

    Zoe S | PA

  • I was a 20 a day smoker for 20 years. I tried every way to stop but consistently failed. I had given up on giving up until my friend  recommended Jacqueline. She was truly amazing. I’ve stopped smoking and haven’t looked back since.  I do not miss smoking at all and in fact I have never been happier. Best thing I ever did!

    Alice L | Website Designer

  • I had 2 sessions with Jacqueline and I believe those 2 sessions changed my life. After seeing Jacqueline I can honestly say that my eating is balanced, I’m in control and I’ve never felt better, I am telling everyone about her!  Her methods are unique and I never thought I’d have food freedom like I do since seeing Jacqueline!

    Amereeta B | Lawyer

  • Jacqueline THANK YOU!!! Only 2 sessions and I have already lost 8lbs. I stop when I am full and food is just not an issue now. I had a food obsession when I came to see you and I never thought anyone would ‘get’ it, but you did. Being free from food issues is just amazing.  I would highly recommend you anyday!

    Megan P | Accountant

  • Jacqueline I wanted to say how much I enjoyed our sessions and I love the work you do! I feel confident and stronger than ever within myself. I feel like a new man ready to take on the world with a new set of specs! Being a bloke I wasn’t sure how this would work for me but you put me at ease and helped me a lot. Thank you.

    Paul S | Criminal Lawyer

  • Jacqueline you are a very special therapist. I had seen many before coming to you and no-one understood me like you did.  It was like no one really got it until I met you and bang – you got it! You have really helped me so much in so many areas of my life and your work with me has been inspiring.  Seriously, thank you.

    Mani R | Nurse

  • I went to see Jacqueline to stop smoking…100% success – I’ve been out boozing and not even touched one, neither have I wanted to. I feel amazing so healthy and so happy and so much more energy! Being a non-smoker thanks to your help was the best thing I could have done for myself, my family and my life.

    Alex M | Web Designer

  • Jacqueline not only did you help with my food problem but my confidence has rocketed. Food is not an issue and I don’t feel like I’m ‘missing out’ anymore! I used to be so stressed around food and now that stress and tension and fear is gone. I feel light and free. Jacqueline, Thank you!

    Kerry J | Actor

  • Having sent my daughter to see Jacqueline there is a definite improvement in her positivity. I’m very pleased with your work Jacqueline and thank you for your continued support. My daughter was not an easy one to take on but you worked some magic on her because I have never seen her happier. Thank you!

    Jill J | Writer

  • Thank you SO much for helping me, for the clarity, straight talking & the fact that you totally get & understand the climb to this point. I wanted to stay in my hole & you made me see another way. I was so scared and frightened and your direct talking and total understanding touched my soul. You are a magician!

    Emily S | PA

  • Thank you Jacqueline for helping me with my weight. I’m so much more ‘mindful’ of what I eat, I am stopping when I am full and have lost 5kg. I’m really, really happy. Your help has inspired me to help my family become healthier too and I am teaching the kids all the things you have taught me – it’s brilliant!  Thank you.

    Aysin P | Barrister

  • From just 3 sessions with Jacqueline, I eat slower and much less than before. My constant desire for sweet foods has gone. Food has simply become fuel. I didn’t know that a freedom like this even existed, except in my dreams. Jacqueline made it a reality for me. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with food.

    Yvonne D | Writer

  • I had a fear of public speaking and had a huge presentation to do to pass an exam. In 3 sessions, Jacqueline you changed everything. I’m not nervous at all in front of a crowd and I feel confident and ready to give my talk. I am actually looking forward to it! Jacqueline I think you are a truly amazing therapist!

    Tafool J | Doctor

  • Jacqueline, having had such a life changing experience with you and then referring my friend, I want you to know we both agreed last night that we believe you are truly a unique therapist! You helped us both on totally different issues but had a great result with both of us. We will be sending as many people your way as we can!

    Orla K | Hedge Fund Manager

  • Jacqueline you have literally saved my life by helping me with my eating issues and my self worth has grown beyond what I could have ever imagined possible for myself. I’m now fitter and healthier in mind and body than I have been for a long time. You are so right that the mind has to get right first. With your help mine did.

    Jill W | Solicitor

  • I’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 16 since working with Jacqueline. She has a unique, empathic & compassionate way of working as well as being direct but with a great personality! Her hypnotherapy technique is one of a kind & her coaching methods are even more mind blowing. Everyone should see you!

    Julia Q | Housewife

  • Jacqueline you have been a massive help, so unbelievably good at sorting me out and putting things into perspective. You are incredibly talented and each time I have seen you, I felt comfortable to say anything to you without you making me feel awkward. You have a way about you that just made me feel safe.

    Kate M | Surveyor

  • I always had a problem with food I was starving or binging. Nothing worked until I was recommended to see Jacqueline. Working with her I have lost 5 kilos through eating in a balanced and un-emotional way. Food is fuel for me today and no food is off limits. It’s been a revelation knowing I have my power back.

    Ed S | Music Producer

  • Jacqueline you cracked my claustrophobia! I’m taking tubes, packed busses and small lifts with NO problem! I honestly can’t thank you enough because my life has changed dramatically, I feel like I have got it back.  I have been able to be more social and can go out a lot without having to stress or worry anymore. Thanks!

    Alex C | Chartered Surveyor

  • I had terrible emetophobia and with two young kids things were getting out of hand. I went to see Jacqueline and in 3 sessions it was simply fixed. There reallly is no other way to put it! I have not had any worries or been scared about this phobia coming back since seeing you – Jacqueline you are amazing. Thanks!

    Jemma T | Fashion Student

  • Jacqueline, the amount of improvement that I have made in the last 7 months is more that I have made in a decade. My mind is clearer, I’m more in control and I have never felt such a clear sense of calmness or acceptance. I finally know how great it feels to be living a life I love, all thanks to you Jacqueline.

    Frances B | Designer

  • I want you to know I wouldn’t have managed even half the things I have accomplised without you and your sessions which acted as a catalyst and improved how I live my life. I hope that you continue your great work!  One happy and contented customer. Oh and by the way I got a promotion at work…hello confidence!

    Frances D | Chef

  • I still cannot get over how much our sessions have changed my life.  The way I think about things in my life that used to stress me out is SO different now that I can’t remember the last time I got annoyed! You are a miracle worker. My husband and my kids have even started to comment on how calm I am! Amazing work!


    Emma P | Sales Manager

  • When I first reached out to Jacqueline, I was ‘broken.’ My self-esteem was non-existent, and my self-loathing ruled the way I lived my life. At our first session, I immediately trusted her, like I had never trusted anyone before. A few months later, and I am a new woman! Jacqueline I have two words – thank you.

    Monique S | Global Marketing Director

  • I can’t thank Jacqueline enough for guiding me through this journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-love. She can be tough, but it’s tough-love that she gives, and certainly just what I needed. If you really want to change something in your life – and for good – Jacqueline should be your next call.

    Monique S | Global Marketing Director

  • Jacqueline, we started off with a whole list of all the negative things in my life, the things I hated.  A few months later we have crossed off everything on that list and I feel utterly free, empowered and happy.  You are one amazing Coach. I just cannot thank you enough for helping me turn my life around.

    Sarah W | Banker

  • Jacqueline, I love your work, I love your positive attitude, I love that you made me think differently and I love that you have changed my life. My negativity has been chopped away and I feel so good. You really are something special and I would advise anyone to see you if they want to change thier life. Thank YOU!

    Emma P | PR

  • Jacqueline, I wanted to report back that after our work together, I performed in my best ever performance! I actually knew from our very first session that the change was going to work – I can only describe as feeling like a switch had changed polarity – that simple and that definite.  Keep up your precious work.

    Matthew B | Musician

  • Jacqueine in my performace I dealt with everything in such a different way and my main part went brilliantly. My best concert by a long shot. This will make such a big difference to my whole working life – wow!  For something so huge, the words thank you seem so small, but they come from deep in my heart.

    Matthew B | Musician

  • I have in 4 sessions changed my life by reaching out to Jacqueline, who totally got me! I no longer hate my image in the mirror, I eat if I want to eat rather than feeling guilty about it and more importantly have managed to wipe off a 4 page list of negative thoughts to be left feeling my own version of normal -it’s great!

    Sarah P | Banking

  • Thank you Jacqueline for helping me change my life. So pleased at 10pm working late one night, I emailed you to make this change. I won’t look back anymore.  It really was the best decision I have ever made. I look back and realise that without you I would have spent so much time being miserable. Since you I have never been happier – thank you doesn’t cut it!

    Sarah P | Marketing

  • I’m so happy I’m not obsessing on food anymore and eat ‘normal’ portions. Thank you so much for all your help. Coming to see you Jacqueline was the best thing to happen to me this year! I am very grateful to you for everything you have done for me. I feel calmer and happier than I have done in a long while. Amazing.

    Samera J | Architect