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How to say No

People pleasers get tired. Like, really, really, really tired.  (Yes, that is 3 really’s because it totally deserves that.) People pleasers want everyone around them to always…

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Quit Anxiety NOW

My friend Clagary Avansino from British VOGUE asked me if I would write an article for her new website about how to Let Go of Anxiety….

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Other’s opinions

Opinions are a funny thing. They are based on a belief system which in itself is based on other people’s views, opinions, and beliefs about the…

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Is Instagram hurting you?

The crew at the very cool health and wellness blog, asked me about my view on how Instagram could be affecting people’s body imgage and…

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Excuses aren’t your friend

Any time you are feeling a negative feeling – and I mean any time- ask yourself what excuse you are giving to yourself. You might argue for…

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Summer Mindset

My friends over at PR Week gave me a call and asked me how we can have the happiest mental health for summer. Summer is a…

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