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Fact v Truth

When my clients and students start working with me the first thing I teach is to become conscious of our thinking. A lot of the time…

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Be Kind to You

My friend Calgary Avansino from British Vogue, asked me if I would write an article for her website about how to be kind to yourself. This…

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Back to Work

Heading back to work after the summer holidays? Here are some tips and tricks I wrote for PR Week this week  to help you leap back…

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Power to change

It’s all possible If you think it is And when it truly feels like it isn’t, there is only ever one solution. To check your thoughts….

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Compare and Despair

So many of us get caught up in compare and despair. We look at pictures on Instagram of the online newspapers and we start to compare…

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Body Image

My friends at Sweaty Betty asked me if I could give their readers my top 5 tips for a healthier body image. I love working with…

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