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Are you sick and tired of smoking? Are you an otherwise well rounded, strong minded individual who can’t understand why they just can’t stop? Have you tried numerous times and methods to stop and yet found yourself smoking again? Are you sick of your clothes, hair and breath smelling? If you are fed up with being ‘addicted’ and not in control and if you are you sick of that little voice in the back of your mind every time you light a cigarette casting dark thoughts in your mind then let me help you stop.

Do you ever say any of the following statements:

  • I enjoy smoking sometimes
  • I don’t enjoy smoking anymore
  • I feel like it’s my only real treat, my escape!
  • It’s something I do in ‘my time’
  • It calms me down
  • It helps me relax
  • It helps me when I’m stressed
  • I hate it but I just can’t stop

If so, its time to get in touch.

If you are truly ready for a healthy, happy smoke-free life I will help you overcome any old, limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind you are holding onto about smoking.  I will help you reframe your mind with stronger, happier and healthier beliefs, putting you back in control and living a calm, happy and smoke-free life.