Self Love With Zanna

This week the powerhouse that is Zanna Van Dijk asked me to feature on her blog to talk about all things self love. Zanna is an amazing woman who has created so much buzz around working out and being healthy with the emphasis on being strong not skinny.  I gave a talk at her #girlgainz event last month which prompted this blog so here’s my answers to her questions!

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Soho Radio + Retirement

Soho Radio asked me to come and have a chat live on air about retirement. I find this a fascinating subject as this is when we are most likely to have a lot of free time and in turn our mind’s can go wild without the correct management.  If you or anyone you know has just retired and is having a hard time just send them along to this page and they can have a listen – it last’s live for a week and I hope you enjoy it!

Education + Inspiration

So the super cool girl gains crew called me up and asked if I would join their first “Empower, Educate, and Inspire Event”. This is an event dedicated to celebrating and reclaiming the true meaning of female health and fitness. They, like me, are sick and tired of the constant negative body bashing and comparison and so this event is about education and empowerment in how to really love your body and yourself. Click on the link below for tickets.

About Time

The cool gang over at abouttime.com found out all about The Life Class and they loved it. About Time are a great blog for all things up and coming.  They asked me if they could feature it and of course I said yes! This is their review…

Space NK Talk

At Space NK this January it’s all about how to be #BeautifullyBalanced and I am honored to be giving a talk on Wednesday 13th January which will be covering the basics of mindfulness, exploring how saying ‘no’ can change the balance of your life in a positive way, as well as how to question aspects of your life, allowing you to move forward in a more thoughtful, positive way. If you want to join me at my talk please call the Hans Crescent Space NK store on 020 7581 2518 to book your place. See you there!

Woman's Body Image

Woman’s Health wanted to discuss body image and asked me for my view on why our society is so in love with the extreme body image and nothing ‘realistic’. In other words why is our society constantly using tiny models or ‘plus size’ (their words not mine) and why are the media not using women with more realistic and real body shapes on a daily basis.  Here was my reply.

Naturally Sassy

Naturally Sassy is one cool chick! After suffering from chronic eczema, Saskia set out to find out what to do for herself to get healthy. She did it by starting a food revolution and in turn started to share her tasty recipes on a blog which has fast become widely recognised for the Instagram generation!  She asked me about my story and asked if I would feature on her blog entitled ‘Inspiration on a Plate’. I was honoured.  Take a read of my feature below and then don’t forget to check out her fabulous recipes!