Woman of The Week

I was totally blown over by the girls at Inner Me when I met them. Nikki the founder and Olivia her sidekick, both super women running a really cool company offering all the correct vitamins for women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s all in one package. We had the same outlook on mind/body and they then asked me to write for them as their Ms Life coach each week which I gladly accepted.  It’s a lot of fun working with these ladies and this week they asked to feature me as their Woman of the Week. Super flattered I agreed, so if you want to know a bit more about me and my story, check it out here…

Vitality is Vital

Vitality – why on earth does it often seem so elusive?
It ultimately means ‘the state of feeling strong and energized’ but for the many clients that walk through my door, vitality is not something they are very familiar with.
Obviously they know what it means but not many of them say they actually feel it.
It’s more likely that they feel shattered, stressed or anxious.
Which I always think is a fascinating choice.
You see, feeling strong or feeling energized are two of the most powerful feelings in the world.
Those feelings don’t come from having things, buying things or pretending to feel them.
They come from your mind.
Ultimately whatever you think creates an energetic level in your life.  You think negative things, you feel shattered, you think neutral things you feel OK, you think positive things and you feel like you are energized by magic fairy dust (except it isn’t really because it still all comes from your mind!).
So how do I help people to start to feel full of vitality, even in the depth of winter, even if they feel ‘shattered’, even if they have just broken up with their boyfriends or didn’t get the job they wanted?
It’s simple. It’s about getting your mind straight and the rest follows.
Thinking about what you are thinking about, getting conscious is key.
If you want to feel strong, you have to think strong.  You have to think thoughts that make you feel strong.
If you want to feel energized you have to think thoughts that make you feel like you could run for miles, you think thoughts that make you feel energized.
If you want to feel re-vitalized you have to think thoughts that make you feel like you can do anything. Which of course, you can.
And when you re-train your brain into thinking right, you will be amazed at not only how you feel, but also what you do.
You’ll find yourself heading to that latest dance shuffle boot camp pumped up party class.
You’ll find you are taking your kids to the park a little more ‘just because you feel great’.
You’ll find you might want to just have a little more special time with your other half because that strength you just found feels so good.
You’ll find that sitting on the bus for the whole way may not be your style and you might just get up and walk the last part.
All of that by changing the one thing you have complete control to change, which is of course, your mind.
You’ve so got this.
Rock on mind nija, rock on.
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PPS This blog will also be featured on the Inner Me website of which I am their ‘Mrs Life Coach’ another great blog for all you people who like to supplement their health. Google ‘Inner Me’

Quit Your Critic

What is it with our self critic?
It’s like a (scratched) broken record.
We play it over and over again. We literally wake up and put it on.
It hurts our ears and erodes our soul.
It goes something like this:-
“You should know better”
“What will they think of me”
“You are a fake”
“You are fat and disgusting”
“You are not good enough”
“You have failed anyways so why bother”
Mean, mean, mean. All. Day. Long
But why?
Why would you be so mean to you?
Have you ever stopped to question this?
I spend a lot of time talking to my clients and students about changing their perspective.
You see choosing not to like you is in ‘fact’ a ‘choice’.
Oh, and it’s a choice made wholly and solely by you.
Choosing not to have your own back in life is simply the fast track to getting an outcome you don’t want.
Yes, we have been brainwashed a little, we get bombarded with what we are meant to look like, behave like and even act like. We get told that if we want to be happy we have to buy things.
We get brought up with other people’s belief systems and a lot of what you think is simply a manifestation of someone else’s dreams, desires or beliefs.
Granted a lot of what we think has been learnt or taught to us but, you must remember this; when you were born you were born pure and full of love. You had no idealistic views or warped beliefs you were born from, acted with and totally believed you were, love.
Through the good intentions of others things changed but here is the beautiful truth.
You can unchange.  By remembering you always have a ‘choice’.
You can choose to quit bitching on yourself.
You can choose to look in the mirror and find the things you do like.
You can choose to look at your achievements to see why you are where you are.
You can choose to choose love for yourself.
You can choose to get perspective.
And it really is as simple as that.
Happy Friday

Coach Yourself

The super team over at Psychologies Magazine heard about The Life Class and asked if they could put one of their journalists in to school! Of course I agreed and this is a story about what she learnt. Don’t forget if you want to coach yourself go over to www.thelifeclass.com and enroll on our Foundation Course. It guarantees to change your life!

Good Impressions

The lovely people at Get The Gloss gave me a call this week for advice. How do you make the best possible first impression?  On average experts estimate that it takes somewhere between just 34 and 100 milliseconds for people to gather a first impression, which can be based on anything from how you walk into a room to the way your hair is styled.  I gave them my top 15 tips so they could help their readers give it their all.

Messing Up

It was a total fail.
It came out of nowhere.
And as it happened I cringed inside.
I totally messed up.
I could ‘blame’ it on exhaustion.
I could ‘blame’ it on being a total loser.
I could blame and berate myself continuously and still be doing so.
But here’s the thing.  If I had done any of that then what would I have learnt?
So I slowed down.  I got my thoughts down.
And then I worked out something really cool.
You see, since I have increased my work output, clients, media, businesses, book, talks etc., I have also ‘accepted’ that I am not going to be ‘perfect’.
And you know what. That’s OK.
When I thought about it, I realised something amazing.
ALL my role models have messed up along the way to becoming a success.
ALL Olympic champions I watch on TV have had to mess up to get to Olympic level.
ALL the entrepreneurs I have followed throughout my career have for sure made mistakes and actually become better for it.
And all my best friends have built their strong foundations from having messed up! It is from the messing up that they have become real, sincere and the most loving, wise, compassionate people I have ever met.
So many of my clients and students decide not to do things because they want everything to be perfect.
They don’t speak up or put themselves forward in case they ‘get it wrong’.
They ‘procrastinate’ or ‘wait’ or ‘hide’ themselves or their amazing work away from everyone to be sure there will be no mistakes.
Which of course we can never be ‘sure’ of.
So instead, they simply just stop creating.
They stop producing.
They stay small.
They get stuck.
But we are not here for staying stuck. We are here for much bigger things.
So here’s what I know to be true for anyone struggling with staying small…
The more I create, the more risk of a making a mistake.
And if I make a mistake, I get to learn a lot from it.
And the more I learn, the better I get. It’s the law. 
So messing up wasn’t all that awful. My world didn’t end and I got to learn a very important lesson.
Because being perfect all the time, is not humanly possible.
Oh, and one more thing before I go.
I want you to remember that when you make a mistake you get a choice.
Pity Party or Lesson Learnt.
Always. Your. Choice.
Happy learning.
Jacqueline x

Combat the Perfectionist

My good friends over at Get The Gloss gave me a call and asked me for my top 5 tips to help people combat their inner perfectionist! Anyone who struggles with perfectionism will know that this hinders you from achieving goals, creating healthy relationships and generally enjoying your life. Read my tips here on how to chill it out and let go (just a little!).