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It is really important to always remember that you always have choices.

Yes that is two 'always'.

In every situation, you can choose how you are going to deal with it and how you are going to feel about it.

The word choice is important, especially when you have an open mind to self development.

Wherever you find yourself in life, whatever the situation, you can make it a growing experience and, you can choose not to be emotionally immobilized.

Whether you are in a hospital bed, a routine job, a stay at home mum, sitting in prison or a CEO at a bank – the setting is actually irrelevant.

You can choose to either get something out of the experience you are in right now or, if you prefer, work at moving to another more fulfilling place.

By the way, using the word “choice” doesn't mean you have to have a special skill.

It just means you need to check your attitude and perspective.

If you consult yourself rather than a manual or somebody else’s idea of how things should be done, you can be pretty creative in doing anything.

Looking at your situation and asking yourself “How can I make this into a growth experience? What can I think, do, say, or choose to feel that will bring about learning and fulfillment for me?”

This kind of an attitude is yours to have if you decide to want it. You can stop allowing yourself to be a victim.

Your capacity to choose your thoughts in any situation will depend in large part upon the kind of attitude you choose for yourself.

The most crucial test of your attitude development will be in the face of adversity, rather than while things are running smoothly.

As I often say to my clients and students, growth comes from our greatest teachers and usually those are the people we struggle with the most.

You may find it much easier, albeit far more self-destructive, to give in to adversity, negativity and become a victim of your feelings.

And yet, if you are effective enough at not having victim thoughts, you can work at turning misfortune right around and even make it work in your favor.

Which can be, the making of you.

The cornerstone of your attitude must be alertness for taking advantage of your situations, making your thoughts work for you, not against you.

You are the product of what you choose for yourself in every life situation.

You have the capacity to make healthy choices for yourself.

By being ever conscious of improving your attitude and expectations of yourself, and by fearlessly implementing better thoughts, you’ll soon be amazed at quite how amazing your life can be.

So remember, you always have a choice.

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