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    Clinique #StartBetter Campaign with Jacqueline Hurst

    Clinique asked me for my expert tips on how to #Startbetter for their new #Startbetter campaign. Working as their ‘mind ambassador’ I discussed with them how to start better by choosing the right thoughts.  Watch the video here.


    1. Just a few words and please take note – LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl.
      Jacqueline is a true inspiration and a pleasure to listen to.
      For anyone thinking about booking an appointment stop right now – just BOOK IT – you will not be disappointed.
      Best thing you will ever do this side of 2014 and a must for 2015

    2. New Follower!!! Heard you on another podcast and was so impressed..
      Have listened to a lot of ‘coaches’, ….. and you really stuck a cord, what you say makes really makes sense.

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