Writing a blog post about time and patience is something I never thought I would do.
I used to be, and am truthfully, still working on, trying to be more patient.
Being someone who is time efficient, I have had to learn that time and patience is the key to a happy life.
Wanting everything done ‘now’ has been one of my biggest defects.
Wanting everyone to run to my manual of turning up on time and doing things immediately, has created a lot of pain.
What I have learnt, is that sometimes, time just needs a little time.
It’s a lesson I keep learning.
That no matter what goes down, if you give time some time, it will all work out just how it should.
Sometimes getting or having or doing that thing ‘now’ isn’t always the right way.
Sometimes giving that thing a little time is.
Especially when in doubt.
Because time is a healer.
Time is a gift.
Time leads to finding clarity.
It is time that can create space when most needed.
Because the truth is, it is actually all happening in the right time.
So this week, slow it down.
Relax it out and if there is anything that isn’t sitting comfortably with you, anything that isn’t going your way, just give it a little time.
You may find in a few weeks your answer has come, without you even needing to try.
Happy Friday x