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    Easter Bunny

    Easter is here and for all the emotional eaters out there, it’s a minefield.
    Chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, a bit more chocolate bunny and oh yummy some more chocolate inside the actual egg.
    Then you hear yourself saying  ‘well I ate it all so I might as well finish the whole damn thing’
    And then bang.
    The crash
    The negative self talk
    The judgement
    The self hatred
    And the dive into ‘Well I will be good tomorrow’
    Except we know that ‘good tomorrow’ only sets us off again. It’s ‘wagon thinking’ 
    When we go on the ‘wagon’ and tell ourselves we are going to be good, ultimately and eventually we are going to fall right back off the wagon. Harder and faster and bad-asser.
    The cycle begins again.
    So, how about this Easter, you do it differently.
    Have you heard of ‘radical allowance?’  Have you ever tried it?
    Have you ‘allowed’ yourself to sit the hell down, get a beautiful plate out the cabinet, turn off the noise, the iphone, the computer and actually be present when your eating your present?
    Enjoying every mouthful?
    Tasting it.
    Allowing it.
    Savouring it.
    You see, it is impossible to enjoy food if you are judging yourself.
    It is impossible to enjoy food without awareness.  Shoving chocolate in your mouth in 3 seconds is NOT ENJOYING FOOD.  Its shoving chocolate in your mouth in 3 seconds.
    It Is impossible to be compulsive with awareness. They are mutually exclusive.
    If you are eating with shame and speed and guilt and judgement you are not enjoying your food. So where’s the fun in that?
    Making food ‘legal’ and ‘acceptable’ means you don’t have to RUSH.
    So sit the hell down, stop rushing and take a moment to actually ‘enjoy’ it.  Make it legal, make it OK  – just as you would like the people you love to do too.  You wouldn’t give your best friend a chocolate bunny and want them to eat it in a shameful and judgemental way and them hate themselves.  You would want them to enjoy and experience it as the beautiful experience it is meant to be.  You would want this for them because you love them.  So try a little of that yourself…..
    You may even find that a bit of it satisfies you more than the whole thing.  And wouldn’t that be interesting….
    Be kind to yourself please –  radical allowance is always the answer to this problem.
    Happy Easter Bunnies….hop hop