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    Education + Inspiration

    So the super cool girl gains crew called me up and asked if I would join their first “Empower, Educate, and Inspire Event”. This is an event dedicated to celebrating and reclaiming the true meaning of female health and fitness. They, like me, are sick and tired of the constant negative body bashing and comparison and so this event is about education and empowerment in how to really love your body and yourself. Click on the link below for tickets.
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    1. Hi Jacqueline, It was lovely to see your talk at the weekend. I just wanted to say how inspiring you were, and also how you have given me a different perspective of how to live my daily life – Thank you. Could you please remind me the name of the book you recommended – I think I got over-excited making protein bars at the end of the event and forgot 🙂 K x

      1. Hi Kirsty thanks for your lovely comment. The book was by Dr Wayne Dyer, it was an audio book called you can do anything. And by the way…you can! sending love x

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