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    Dynamic Life Coaching with Real Results

    Hi, I am Jacqueline Hurst the UK’s leading Life Coach, No.1 Best selling International Author of How To Do YOU, GQ Magazine’s resident coach and columnist, teacher and speaker.

    I am a Certified Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and a Certified Health and Weight Coach with over two decades experience and I help my clients change their life by helping them learn how to transform their mindset.

    On my journey to become one of London’s best life coaches, I have worked with over 7,000 clients worldwide helping them to be, feel, perform and live better.

    With my personalised approach to life coaching, I provide transformative coaching that focuses on personal improvement, self confidence and empowerment to create positive change.

    Working with my clients I am honoured to see their lives transform internally and in turn externally, beyond recognition. My clients often say at the end of our journey together that they have learnt a profound and life changing ‘superpower’ which they wish they had learnt sooner.

    From personal and career development to improving relationships, as well as supporting clients with anxiety and confidence issues, there is often no limit to what we can cover in our life coaching sessions together. I am proud of the work I do as a transformational life coach within London and the rest of the world, as I believe in nothing less than brilliant results.

    Why Choose Me as Your Mindset & Positivity Life Coach?

    I work with clients around the world through online life coaching which provides a great deal of comfort and flexibility to you, easily allowing you to take a session at a time and place convenient to YOU!

    I am here to provide support so you can become the best version of yourself and unlock your full potential.

    Exclusive Life Coaching

    I coach clients privately 1:1 and a session is 1.5hrs and taken online over zoom.

    As an experienced life coach with over 20 years experience , I work in numerous ways usually in a set of 3 x 1.5 hour sessions and i also offer a Powerful Breakthrough Day Session which is an intensive breakthrough whole day session.

    I also offer a Life Changing Work Week where we do intensive work over 5 days together – it is intense but utterly life changing!

    The Life Class

    Thinking of becoming a coach yourself, or simply wanting to learn greater tools to take control of your own life? The Life Class is my virtual school where you can take a course to learn how to live a life you love or become a certified life coach.

    Both courses offer amazing insights into yourself and elevate your personal development growth.

    The Certified Life Coach Course has been called ‘the best coaching course ever created’!


    My book ‘How To Do YOU’ is a No.1 International Bestseller and a manual for life.

    This book presents my personal story and my own unique way of working in a friendly, approachable, ‘you-can-do-it’ way.

    It is a straight talking, lightbulb moment making read and a book that people are sharing with family and friends all around the world.

    The book is available on Amazon now.

    Jacqueline is a master of her craft at life coaching, she’s really knowledgeable, super skilled and effortlessly easy to talk to. She helped me so much and I’d definitely recommend her – in my opinion, she’s London’s top life coach!

    Gregg Wallace, TV Presenter
    Holly Widnall
    Holly Widnall
    Working with Jacqueline has been transformative for me and given me a fresh outlook on life. The tools and techniques that she taught me during our sessions will help support me forever. I highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone looking to make meaningful changes in their life.
    Madly Morgan
    Madly Morgan
    A bit of an eye opener and you will one day find yourself in a situation where it clicks. The book is a great place to start, however Jacqueline’s method is well worth the investment in sessions and she is not afraid to push. From Canberra Australia
    Lauren Hayes
    Lauren Hayes
    Working with Jacqueline has been life changing. I have uncovered so much about myself and finally realise how out of control my inner critic was and have tools to help calm that storm that was raging inside my head. Thank you !
    Liv K
    Liv K
    My sessions with Jacqueline are already helping me to reset my thinking patterns and make positive changes in my life. She’s really easy to talk to and gets through a lot in a short time. Her positivity is infectious, her advice realistic and practical and I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life with the tools she’s given me. Thank you so much.
    Richard Symonds
    Richard Symonds
    Very impressed with her approach and logic and highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone as her methods will add value to anyone’s life.
    Liana Nakhshkaryan
    Liana Nakhshkaryan
    "Working with Jacqueline was a deeply transformative journey. With her professional guidance, I bravely delved into vulnerable spaces, shedding light on ingrained negative thought patterns. Through her unique and insightful approach, I discovered the power within me to challenge and redirect these patterns, reclaiming control over my mindset and life direction. It was a refreshing experience that left me feeling empowered and ready to embrace positive change. Very happy and grateful! Wishing you all the best and continue to help people to live their full potential ❤️"
    Natalie Barnes
    Natalie Barnes
    Working with Jacqueline has been such an incredible experience. My mindset is completely different now to when we first spoke, I am much calmer and kinder to myself. I can’t thank Jacqueline enough and would highly recommend her x
    Sara A
    Sara A
    Working with Jacqueline was such a pleasure. She has completely shifted my outlook on life! Would highly recommend and thank you Jacqueline!
    Jacqueline's energy is pure, realistic magic. Her calm and optimistic confidence is contagious. Every session was an awakening with the utmost self reflection, powerful insights, and a burst of motivation to learn more and apply the learning immediately to the different aspects of my life, where previously I may have been stuck, lost or unaware. Jacqueline's masterful guidance is incredibly intuitive and encouraging, yet logical and firm, and always uplifting and empowering.
    Dan G
    Dan G
    I recently worked with Jacqueline Hurst and it was an awesome experiance from start to finish. She's very understanding and really listens to you. Her advice was spot on – practical and easy to apply in my day-to-day life. The sessions felt tailored just for me, which made a huge difference. I've seen real progress in how I handle things at work and in my personal life. I totally recommend her to anyone looking for a down-to-earth, effective life coach. She's a game-changer!
    Do you want...
    To start feeling like you ‘are good enough’?
    • to get rid of the issue you are struggling with once and for all?
    • to break free of anxiety, lack of confidence, fears or a phobia?
    • to start believing in yourself and learn to see your worth?
    • to stop comparing yourself to everyone else?
    • to learn how to stop overthinking and beating yourself up?
    • to learn how to be happier and create a calm and balanced emotional state no matter what life is throwing at you?
    Do you want...
    To set goals that you consistently and effortlessly reach, time and time again?
    • to quit emotional eating and get off the hamster wheel of trying to control food, your body and diets?
    • to learn how to create a healthy and happy body image, without food, weight and diets taking up your brain space?
    • to learn how to have happier and healthier relationships with the opposite sex?
    • to love yourself completely, no holds barred?
    • to create a life that feels so good you simply cannot wait to get going?
    Jacqueline Hurst, Dynamic Coaching With Real Results
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    The aim of The Life Class is simple, to help our students live a life they truly love. Whether that’s by teaching techniques to help you manage your mind and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, or by providing world-class training to help you become a Certified Life Coach yourself – at The Life Class, we’ve got you covered!

    “I could not make my life work for me and I wanted to wake up and simply, feel good. Jacqueline gave me straight talking help. I got understanding and empowering help and a way, at last, to get control.”
    Rebecca P, Nurse
    “Jacqueline, 6 sessions later and I am so glad I met Jacqueline. She worked so hard to move me on to a better place. I am eternally grateful to Jacqueline and cannot recommend her enough. Seriously, this woman is the BEST.”
    Zoe S, PA
    “I had 2 sessions with Jacqueline and I believe those 2 sessions changed my life. After seeing Jacqueline I can honestly say that my eating is balanced, I’m in control and I’ve never felt better, I am telling everyone about her! Her methods are unique and I never thought I’d have food freedom like I do since seeing Jacqueline!”
    Amereeta B, Lawyer
    “Jacqueline you are a very special therapist. I had seen many before coming to you and no-one understood me like you did. It was like no one really got it until I met you and bang – you got it! You have really helped me so much in so many areas of my life and your work with me has been inspiring. Seriously, thank you.”
    Mani R, Nurse
    “I have lost all the weight I had put on in the previous years – over 20 kilos indeed!! So I am really pleased but even more so as I did not think it was such a difficult process once I had learnt with you to understand and manage the psychological hunger and cravings.”
    Isabelle T, Finance Manager
    “Jacqueline will give you a sense of perspective and pragmatic advice that verges on genius, truly brilliant, intelligent lady!
    Chris Bavin, TV Presenter
    “Jacqueline is a master of her craft at life coaching, she’s really knowledgeable, super skilled and effortlessly easy to talk to. She helped me so much and I’d definitely recommend her – in my opinion, she’s London’s top life coach!”
    Gregg Wallace, TV Presenter

    Change Your Life Today

    Change Your Life Today

    • FREE 30 min consultation
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      Create The Life You Love