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The Life Class

Are you ready for the ultimate mind upgrade?

It’s time to change your life + come to class.

The Life Class™ runs unique courses which are developed to help people upgrade their lives through optimising their way of thinking using a range of powerful methods and techniques.

Training at The Life Class™ is a journey beyond all others because it starts with you.

Some people choose The Life Class™ for our Foundation course. They want to take a course for the sole purpose of their own self development and growth and this course has been designed for those people who passionately care about their wellbeing and living their best life possible.  This is a personal course designed to be taken at your leisure in your own time.

Other people choose The Life Class™ for our Certified Coach Course because they want to become a Certified Life Coach and build a successful business doing just that. This course is a unique, laser focussed, interactive course with exceedingly high standards. We focus on small class size for maximum effect and the added benefit of a weekly call-in so that you aren’t alone on your journey. There is a community feel to the class where we support and coach each other from the very beginning.

Our courses and methods provide clarity, knowledge, a surge in confidence and a sense of being in control of your own life whatever your challenge today, tomorrow or in the future. Their solid foundation will give you the tools to discover your own harmony and happiness.

We believe our course’s are the most effective and comprehensive available in the market. You will gain knowledge, confidence and a higher self esteem by learning how to fine tune your mind keeping it fit and healthy so you can live life bigger and better than ever before.

Come on over to and take a look for yourself.  We promise you won’t be disappointed.