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    Dynamic Life Coaching in London and Worldwide

    Feel a little stuck? Not living the life you want to be living? Think you might be in the wrong job, have the wrong partner or simply know there is more to life? Are you struggling with your weight and feel you can’t ‘get it’ no matter what you have tried in the past? Are you constantly saying to yourself ‘my life would be better if…’? Then you have come to the right place.

    I help people to create the life they want via their thought process. When our thoughts are off-key we create a life of anxiety, frustration, boredom and unhappiness.

    We blame other people, places or things for our feelings and simply get stuck. My coaching helps people to become unstuck by challenging their thinking and in turn feel better and change things around to get the results they want.

    I coach people who come to me with a wide range of issues or problems including but not limited to low confidence, anxiety, low self-worth, stress, anger etc.

    Working together I show my clients how to change these feelings rapidly and dynamically and in turn they start to live a life of freedom and internal peace.

    What is Life Coaching?

    Coaching can take on many forms but my specific proven skills and techniques are adapted specifically to suit you. 

    My flexible approach enables me to ensure the session is designed to suit your unique and particular requirements and communicated in a way that works, specifically for you as an individual. I believe that no two people are the same.

    On your first session, we start work straight away and I am able to establish the best route for you to experience the change you are looking for in the fastest possible route. 

    My sessions will help you understand the limiting beliefs that don’t work for you and then help you reframe, reprogramme and repositioning your mind to break through to a new way to live.

    Coaching is a brilliant way to learn how to live calmly and effectively no matter what is going on in your life and you will see brilliant results.

    What results can you expect from Life Coaching?

    In many cases, it can be extremely helpful to deal with the past if there are any underlying or deep-seated issues that are possibly blocking your progress and preventing you from reaching your goals and desired outcomes. 

    We don’t spend too long on the past though because your mindset matters most. 

    Often you will not need to go backwards to go forwards and this will be something I will work out with you on our first session. All consultations and sessions are strictly private and confidential.

    I have worked with over 7,000 clients, coaching people from all walks of life with all kinds of issues and I guarantee after our very first session you will already feel good in the knowledge that you have come to the right place to get your issue resolved.

    How long do I need coaching for?

    Coaching is not therapy and I do not want you to be sitting in my office each week for years! Each client is individual on how long they need to work with me and each client is different.

    The aim of my game is to get you in and out as quickly as possible so you can live a life free of stress, worry or anxiety about any issue you face.

    “I could not make my life work for me and I wanted to wake up and simply, feel good. Jacqueline gave me straight talking help. I got understanding and empowering help and a way, at last, to get control.”
    Rebecca P, Nurse
    “Jacqueline, 6 sessions later and I am so glad I met Jacqueline. She worked so hard to move me on to a better place. I am eternally grateful to Jacqueline and cannot recommend her enough. Seriously, this woman is the BEST.”
    Zoe S, PA
    “I had 2 sessions with Jacqueline and I believe those 2 sessions changed my life. After seeing Jacqueline I can honestly say that my eating is balanced, I’m in control and I’ve never felt better, I am telling everyone about her! Her methods are unique and I never thought I’d have food freedom like I do since seeing Jacqueline!”
    Amereeta B, Lawyer
    “Jacqueline you are a very special therapist. I had seen many before coming to you and no-one understood me like you did. It was like no one really got it until I met you and bang – you got it! You have really helped me so much in so many areas of my life and your work with me has been inspiring. Seriously, thank you.”
    Mani R, Nurse
    “I have lost all the weight I had put on in the previous years – over 20 kilos indeed!! So I am really pleased but even more so as I did not think it was such a difficult process once I had learnt with you to understand and manage the psychological hunger and cravings.”
    Isabelle T, Finance Manager
    “Jacqueline will give you a sense of perspective and pragmatic advice that verges on genius, truly brilliant, intelligent lady!
    Chris Bavin, TV Presenter
    “Jacqueline is a master of her craft at life coaching, she’s really knowledgeable, super skilled and effortlessly easy to talk to. She helped me so much and I’d definitely recommend her – in my opinion, she’s London’s top life coach!”
    Gregg Wallace, TV Presenter
    Jacqueline's energy is pure, realistic magic. Her calm and optimistic confidence is contagious. Every session was an awakening with the utmost self reflection, powerful insights, and a burst of motivation to learn more and apply the learning immediately to the different aspects of my life, where previously I may have been stuck, lost or unaware. Jacqueline's masterful guidance is incredibly intuitive and encouraging, yet logical and firm, and always uplifting and empowering.
    Dan G
    Dan G
    I recently worked with Jacqueline Hurst and it was an awesome experiance from start to finish. She's very understanding and really listens to you. Her advice was spot on – practical and easy to apply in my day-to-day life. The sessions felt tailored just for me, which made a huge difference. I've seen real progress in how I handle things at work and in my personal life. I totally recommend her to anyone looking for a down-to-earth, effective life coach. She's a game-changer!
    Reagan Muir
    Reagan Muir
    Jacqueline has really changed my outlook on life. I was struggling a lot with the feeling of being stuck, but since working with Jacqueline I have a new approach and am finding my life is progressing in the way I always wanted it so. I cannot recommend working with Jacqueline enough!
    Giles G
    Giles G
    I’m so glad I reached out to Jacqueline earlier this year, it’s been a genuine game changer! I was going through a number of life changes & challenges, and the work with Jacqueline has really helped me to better understand and reprogram my thought patterns. This has enabled me to dramatically improve my mindset and empowered me to approach everything with full confidence. Jacqueline’s coaching is so powerful, and I loved that the tools used are so effective & easy to replicate in all number of scenarios. I also really appreciated Jacqueline’s approach. She’s amazing at challenging you in a way that really makes you think, whilst also being so supportive and approaching the sessions with great humour. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to make a change / improve their mindset!
    Jacqueline is incredible and I would recommend working with her to anyone looking to make changes in their life but who feel they can’t do it alone. Jacqueline is kind, supportive, inspiring and having some similar life experiences made her so easy to relate to. Working with Jacqueline was a big investment for me but I’m so happy that I did because in just 3 sessions I’ve had so many lightbulb moments and saw results straight away with some things I’ve been struggling with for years. I’ve learnt so much and her approach/processes are completely different to anything I’ve experienced before. I love how Jacqueline simplifies everything and gave me the confidence to trust the process and put what she taught me into action between the sessions. I’m so grateful and honestly can’t thank Jacqueline enough!
    Bailey Brown
    Bailey Brown
    Working with Jacqueline was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend anyone wanting personal growth, and to make some positive life changes, to sign up for her coaching. She is a lovely person, a pleasure to talk to and great at what she does!
    C B
    C B
    I was looking for a someone to help me find some direction in my life for months. I had gone through countless therapists and counsellors and then I found Jacqueline. Jacqueline is the best of the best and I finally feel like my life is moving in the right direction after years of feeling lost. Cannot recommend enough!
    Monika Cechova
    Monika Cechova
    It was a real privilege to work with Jacqueline. She has helped me to change my negative mind set and I am really grateful for all the things she has taught me. She really is the best!
    anne-sophie heist
    anne-sophie heist
    I can't thank Jacqueline enough. Jacquline was willing to come along my rollercoaster health journey and helped me work through so many mental roadblocks that were truly the most valuable thing I could have asked for during this challenging and highly unpredictable time. She caught me each and every time when I would come back from hospital visits and help me reframe my thoughts to gain the calmness I was so desperately craving. I can highly recommend her if you need help gaining new perspectives on old and new issues that might hold you back.
    Dawn Nagel
    Dawn Nagel
    I purchased Jacqueline’s book How To Do You in July of 2021. Due to some serious health and life issues, I was not able to read it until December 2022. Before I even finished to book, I knew that I needed to work with Jacqueline. I was in desperate need of learning how to think and how to control my thoughts. Working with Jacqueline is the very best investment I have ever made in myself! She is tough but I felt supported every step of the way. Her tools are so effective. Utilizing them teaches you how to think. You realize what you have believed about yourself (your life) is simply a thought you chose to think, that you are free to make a different choice and that if you don’t change your thoughts then nothing changes. My life is better every day because of my time with Jacqueline.

    Change your life today

    I tell my clients the truth: the truth that other people will not tell them. I help people see the downside of being mean to themselves. I challenge any held belief that is not in my client’s best interest. I pull my clients up on the lies that they are telling themselves. I help my clients show up when they want to quit. I help my clients act from a place of love rather than fear. I ask my clients to reach for more of themselves. I help people figure out why they don’t do what they do so they can change it.


    Corporate Opportunities

    The organisations I work with see the huge benefits as to why enabling people to bring the best out of themselves is the key to driving productivity, growth, and engagement. A meaningful coaching culture has the potential to transform the relationship between organisations and employees and to put both on the path to long-term success.  My corporate coaching can be measured not only by the return on investment but also the obvious harmonious changes within the employees themselves and in turn the organisation as a whole.


    I give talks on a variety of topics including how to manage the mind, work life balance, hypnosis and how to find body love.


    I create and teach half and full day workshops. Workshops are tailored to specific requirements.

    Bespoke Training

    Tailor made pragrammes for companies and individuals who want to work on specific areas.