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    Relationship Therapy and Coaching

    Do you struggle with relationships? If so you are not alone.

    Not many of us actually got taught how to have healthy relationships and because relationships with others are what connect us to each other, it can be really tricky when we get stuck repeating unwanted patterns of behaviour.

    We can struggle with not speaking up, worrying about what other people might think of us so we stay quiet, or we could fear conflict and avoid. Some of us find ourselves overcompromising or allowing things to be ok when we know deep down inside they are not ok. Some people get angry and jealous, some get frustrated or just stuck. We can struggle with wanting to commit too much or not wanting to commit enough.

    Relationships can be tricky! Learning how to have them easily and effortlessly really is life-changing. So if you are struggling with your relationships in any form; from work colleagues, family, love or just friend relationships please get in touch and I will teach you how to change your thinking patterns and in turn, ultimately change your life.

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