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    Health and Wellness Coaching

    Do you feel you are not taking care of yourself mentally and physically? Do you struggle with taking care of yourself like you do someone you love? Oftentimes we can find ourselves in a rut with this and this is where my health and wellness coaching comes in.

    I have studied at many schools throughout my career (I love to learn!) and after studying at the IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) a lot of my work on this specific subject is to do with bio-individuality meaning that it is not just the food on our plate or the exercise we take that makes us healthy and well.

    Your health and wellness journey, in my opinion as a Coach, starts with your mind and I work with clients helping them to understand their limiting beliefs that are holding them back to becoming healthy and well in every area of their life.

    When you can see these clearly we then get to work on helping you to change these beliefs in a fast and effective way. You will feel amazing even after one session and know exactly what you have to do, to make the change and I am with you all the way!

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