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anxiety (1)

Anxiety is now one of the biggest issues of this generation and certainly one of the biggest issues people come to see me about. So many…

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As a coach I often hear clients complain about their own procrastinating. They tell me about their goals and lists of things they want to do but that…

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5 tips on Body Confidence

madeline (1)

So the gorgeous Madeleine Shaw asked if I would write another piece for her blog on my top tips for creating high self esteem and body confidence this…

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Self love with Zanna

zanna (2) (1)

This week the powerhouse that is Zanna Van Dijk asked me to feature on her blog to talk about all things self love. Zanna is an…

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Soho Radio + Retirement

newsohoradio (1)

Soho Radio asked me to come and have a chat live on air about retirement. I find this a fascinating subject as this is when we…

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What is success anyway?


I once met with ‘business mentor’.  It didn’t go so well. He was a really lovely man. And we disagreed on the idea of ‘success’. He told…

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Bullies at work

prweek (1)

So, PR Week gave me a call to ask me if I would write an article for them about bullying in the workplace; on how to…

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The Inner Voice


You know the one I mean right? The inner voice, the self critic, the little gremlin, the one that is hard pushed to be nice. If…

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