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Eat The Grass

eat the grass (1)

I sat watching the men’s final’s at Wimbledon on Sunday with awe and admiration. Both players fighting hard to ‘win’. Having trained all their lives these…

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Is stress good?

stress (1)

I had an interesting call this week from the Get the Gloss. ‘Jacqueline’ they asked ‘Can stress can actually be good for you? Ahhh stress, the one emotion…

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Fact v Truth


When my clients and students start working with me the first thing I teach is to become conscious of our thinking. A lot of the time…

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Good Impressions

get the gloss

The lovely people at Get The Gloss gave me a call this week for advice. How do you make the best possible first impression?  On average experts…

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Eve Lom Newsletter


The wonderful skincare geniuses over at Eve Lom wanted to know a little about me and my coaching. I was honoured to have even been asked….

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Job Love


The team at Get The Gloss called me this week and asked an interesting question.  ‘What happens when you fall out of love with your job…

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Find Your Om

sb (1)

The super sporty people at Sweaty Betty gave me a call this week and asked if I could offer some advice as to how we can…

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Other’s opinions

opinionsofothers (1)

Opinions are a funny thing. They are based on a belief system which in itself is based on other people’s views, opinions, and beliefs about the…

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