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Vitality is Vital

vitality (1)

Vitality – why on earth does it often seem so elusive? It ultimately means ‘the state of feeling strong and energized’ but for the many clients that walk…

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Stop anxiety now

In The Media(4) is one of my favorite blogs because they have sound advice and really interesting articles. They asked me how to help their readers stop anxiety…

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office (1)

The girls at Get The Gloss gave me a call this week to ask me how I would help someone who is being bullied at work. It’s…

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Sleep easy

zzzz (2)

Sleep – I don’t know about you but if I don’t get my 8 hours the next day is pretty tough. Everything seems that little bit…

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Healthy Body Image

madeline (1)

The lovely Madeline Shaw is well known for her amazing recipes on her wellbeing website.  She asked me how to inform her readers on how to get…

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Natural Health Magazine

natrual (1)

Natural Health Magazine called me this week and asked me how they can help their readers to beat the ‘Winter Blues’. It is a common problem…

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Growing ‘pain’

growingnew (1) (1)

Many of you know about my hip operation last year. Recovery was meant to be 3 weeks. It turned out to be 3 months. I didn’t choose…

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Quit your critic


What is it with our self critic? It’s like a (scratched) broken record. We play it over and over again. We literally wake up and put…

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