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4 ways to love you


The lovely lady that is Jessica Harris asked me if I would write a blog for her website Twenty Six Style about how to love yourself….

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Space NK

spacenk30june (2) (1)

I am honoured to be invited back to talk at Space NK ‘Meet The Master’ event next week… After my sell-out talk at Space NK’s Hans Crescent beautiful…

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Real Talk


The lovely Laura Thomas from “Don’t Salt My Game” asked to interview me on all things life! Here’s the scoop; “We’re talking to the UK’s leading…

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It ain’t what you do

waythatyoudoit (1)

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it. I know it’s a song and actually it sort of makes a lot of…

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Tips for Perfectionism


So Get the Gloss asked me lots of questions about perfectionism and wanted some information on this little issue that seems to pop up a lot…

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The Life Class

TLC1 (1)

The coolest crew in London, Get The Gloss have been talking with me recently about The Life Class. They thought it was such a great course…

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Evidence rocks


I like evidence. In fact, I like evidence a lot. My clients and students talk to me often about thoughts they have that hurt. They don’t…

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anxiety (1)

Anxiety is now one of the biggest issues of this generation and certainly one of the biggest issues people come to see me about. So many…

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