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Quit your critic


What is it with our self critic? It’s like a (scratched) broken record. We play it over and over again. We literally wake up and put…

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Are you Hypnotizable


Ever wondered if you are hypnotizable or not? Well now you have a real chance of finding out. As a long time member of the International…

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Exercise is a key part of my life and many of you will know how much I love my Barrecore each morning. It is something I…

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The Art of Surrender

art of surrender(1)

I use the word ‘art’ because it is an art when it comes to surrendering. In today’s society we are taught that to get what we…

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Coach Yourself


The super team over at Psychologies Magazine heard about The Life Class and asked if they could put one of their journalists in to school! Of…

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Low self confidence?


Get the Gloss asked me a question that I get asked a lot.  ‘How do you overcome low self-esteem?’ It seems to be something we all…

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How to say No


People pleasers get tired. Like, really, really, really tired.  (Yes, that is 3 really’s because it totally deserves that.) People pleasers want everyone around them to always…

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Eat The Grass

eat the grass (1)

I sat watching the men’s final’s at Wimbledon on Sunday with awe and admiration. Both players fighting hard to ‘win’. Having trained all their lives these…

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