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Messing Up


It was a total fail. It came out of nowhere. And as it happened I cringed inside. I totally messed up. I could ‘blame’ it on exhaustion….

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Eve Lom Newsletter


The wonderful skincare geniuses over at Eve Lom wanted to know a little about me and my coaching. I was honoured to have even been asked….

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Push Yourself


Push Yourself…. I don’t mean the whip wheedling, hammer bashing, woodpecker type of pushing yourself. I don’t mean the judgement, the bitching, the rude ‘you should…

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Confrontation at work


Does the idea of confrontation at work cause you break into a cold sweat? Whether you’re faced with an impossible workload or have come across a…

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Radiant Mind How-To


Psychologies Magazine gave me a call and asked me how to create a Radiant Mind in the midst of a busy and  sometimes overwhelming lifestyle. Of…

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Cause and Effect

cause & effect1

Most people believe there are only ever two options when it comes to feeling feelings. Avoid them like the plague. Or react with crazy actions like a crazy person. It’s cause…

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The Body Shop

Body shop(3)(1)

I am honured to have been asked to join forces with The Body Shop on their new campaign #Beautytruths. Take a look at the campaign here…

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Emotional Eating


Food. For some people food and eating is a non-issue. It is something they don’t even think about. For ‘normal’ eaters (this is a light hearted…

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