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Attitude Shift

gratitude (1)

There is one thing that can make you feel happy faster than anything else I know. Especially when you are miserable. It’s called gratitude. Did you…

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Behind The Guide


So Get The Gloss have created a new “Get the Guide” section of all the top wellness leaders who have guides out on nutrition, health and…

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Couples Workout


Woman’s Health Magazine asked me to share my top tips for working out with your partner this summer. As many of you are away this summer…

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Accept what is


I’ve come to realise more and more that we only suffer, truly suffer, when we do not accept what is. When we fight our reality, when…

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Food Healing


The super cool James Duigan, the man behind the Clean & Lean approach to exercise and food asked me if I would write for his blog,…

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Drowning in work

natrual health (1)

Natural Health Magazine gave me a call this week to ask me what to do when we feel like we are simply drowning at work.  Here…

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Actually you bloody well can

getout (1)

I often tell my clients and students to choose their words very carefully. You never know who is listening. Especially when that person is you. The…

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The Moment


Living in the moment can be tricky. Especially in the city, working hard and being ‘busy’. Rushing through life, literally unconscious and unaware of the moment….

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