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Resilience – keep rising

Rise when you fall

Watching the Wimbledon men’s finals got me thinking. Nobody deals with losses and setbacks, rising and falling better than an athlete. Djokovic won;  but if you…

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I like to ask ‘why’ A LOT

Ive always done it that way

Like, A LOT. It’s so interesting to me how we can keep telling ourselves things (or if you have worked with me I explain it that…

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Emotional eating – 5 ways to stop

In The Media(3) – June 2014 Jacqueline gives 5 great pointers on how to quit eating emotionally and head towards ‘normal’ eating.

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Pretty vs Pregnant: stay calm and carry on

In The Media(2)

Daily Telegraph – June 2014 Jacqueline gives her tips on how to stay stress and anxiety free during your pregnancy.

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