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Conquering hate

paris (1) (1)

I am pretty sure many of you felt the sadness that overcame the world from the Paris attacks last Friday. It put many of us in…

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Festive Lonliness

natrual health (1)

Natural Health Magazine called this week to ask me how to help their readers who may feel down and lonely over the festive season. It’s a…

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Woman’s Body Image


Woman’s Health wanted to discuss body image and asked me for my view on why our society is so in love with the extreme body image and…

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Focus Up

autumn (1)

We so often walk around unconscious. Our minds on repeat. Negative, negative, negative. All about the lack. All about the things we don’t have and think…

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Naturally Sassy


Naturally Sassy is one cool chick! After suffering from chronic eczema, Saskia set out to find out what to do for herself to get healthy. She…

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Eating for energy

savse (1)

The gorgeous people at Savse gave me a call this week to ask me if I would write them a little blog about what we should eat…

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5 Life Lessons

sky (1)

I hope you like this picture. I do. And I can’t wait to get up there in the sky.  Now before you hit delete, this isn’t…

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Woman of The Week

innerme (1)

I was totally blown over by the girls at Inner Me when I met them. Nikki the founder and Olivia her sidekick, both super women running…

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