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Eating wasn’t ‘Easy’

In The Media(3)

The Huffington Post – August 2014 – Read Jacqueline’s amazingly personal story on how she went from an emotional to ‘normal’ eating and her tips on…

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Break up with your critic

The greatest glory in living lies not in(1)

You know that little voice in your head that feeds you negative thoughts, that sometimes just doesn’t damn well stop. That’s the critic. It tells you…

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Resilience – keep rising

Rise when you fall

Watching the Wimbledon men’s finals got me thinking. Nobody deals with losses and setbacks, rising and falling better than an athlete. Djokovic won;  but if you…

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I like to ask ‘why’ A LOT

Ive always done it that way

Like, A LOT. It’s so interesting to me how we can keep telling ourselves things (or if you have worked with me I explain it that…

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