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Control Your Tech


As many of you are aware is one of my favourate shops in the world! Their shops are amazing and their online Wellness Report is…

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Vision Board’s (for real)


Did you see my interview on Get The Gloss about Vision Board’s?  I know some of you might think it’s not for you but, have a…

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So my gorgeous friend, the wonderful Madeline Shaw asked me if I would write a piece for her blog on how to set new years resolutions…

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Smart Mind Smart Life


So, part two of the Smart Mind Smart Life Plan hit the Telegraph yesterday and if you missed it you can see it here. Don’t forget if…

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Comfort Zone

eat the grass (1)

Many of us get stuck in a zone. We call it a comfort zone but it isn’t exactly comfortable. Although we tell our self it is…

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Get Fit in 17


So not a bad end to the year with a front page in The Telegraph Weekend section talking about how getting fit starts with the mind….

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Quit the pressure

stress (1)

The super cool blogger Jessica Harris from gave me a call this week to discuss why we all put so much pressure on ourselves and…

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Let it go

presents (1)

As we get close to Christmas now is a great time to talk about how to “let it go”. Holiday season is not the time to…

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