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CODE Magazine


WOW Code Magazine, so sexy! They called me up this week and asked for an interviewfor their Sexy Issue – stop laughing!  Clearly it was impossible…

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Stress less

stress (1)

The Get The Gloss team gave me a call this week and asked me how to ‘stress less’.  To make the answer super simple I gave…

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Hurt People

hurt (1)

I often have clients and students talk about how other people have been mean or unkind. How other people have said things to them that they have…

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How to stress less

savse (2) (1)

Savse gave me a call this week and asked me how they can help their readers to simply just ‘stress less’.  January is always one of…

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About Time

abouttime (2)

The cool gang over at found out all about The Life Class and they loved it. About Time are a great blog for all things…

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Space NK Talk

spacenk (1)

At Space NK this January it’s all about how to be #BeautifullyBalanced and I am honored to be giving a talk on Wednesday 13th January which will…

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Inner Calm

matches (1) is my most favorite shop in the world. Big statement! They have their finger on the button and their original and unique stores always transport me into…

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Just 1 Resolution

newyear (1)

It’s New Year’s Day and it’s that time again where those special three buzz words are being flung about all day. Yep, you guessed it; ‘New…

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