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Self sabbotage


The super cool girl gang at Get The Gloss called this week to ask me if I would help their readers identify self sabotage. It’s a…

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Boost your self esteem


As some of you may know I often work with Bodyism discussing body love, balance and how to live a happy healthy life.  It’s great to…

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Measure your success


As the resident Life Coach at GQ the ‘how to’ series is going down a treat and this week I was asked a really cool question…

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How to be Confident


So this week I met with GQ Magazine who asked me to be their ‘resident life coach’ – I was absoloutely over the moon as this…

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Is stress good?

stress (1)

I had an interesting converstaion this week with the girls at Get the Gloss. ‘Jacqueline’ they asked ‘Can stress can actually be good for you? Ahhh stress,…

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The Lesson

thelesson (1)

Everything is a life lesson. Every experience you have had, everything you encounter, everyone you have ever met, dated, worked with etc. It’s all been you, learning. Lessons…

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Sweaty Betty + Stress


My friends over at Sweaty Betty have a really great blog (as well as amazing work out gear obviously!) so I was honored when they gave…

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Life Tips for Bodyism


Working as a life coach is one of the best jobs in the world, so much so that it doesn’t even feel like a job. I…

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