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    Is a funny thing. We know when we are balanced because it feels so good.
    But it seems to be a little harder to work out when we are out of it until of course, something big happens. We go along in our lives, busy ‘doing’. ‘I’m so busy’ or ‘I just can’t get enough hours in the day’ or ‘where on earth did today go?’ become common phrases we hear ourselves say. We work, we train, we see friends and of course, we often go out.
    But how many of us ‘go in’?
    When I say ‘go in’ I mean how many of us literally take the time to stop, breathe and re-balance, to meet our ‘self’ our ‘soul’ to calm our mind from the ever-growing madness of our daily life? I know for me, it’s not as often as I would like it to be. I was reminded of this fact recently when I left London for the weekend. I went to bed on Friday night at 9 pm and woke up Saturday at 1 pm. Seriously, that’s 16 hours straight. If sleep is the body’s way of healing, rejuvenating and repairing, then what on earth was going on for my body to need this. What was I ‘doing’ that needed looking at so it could be done, differently? What lifestyle was I choosing to live that created the need for my body to sleep for so long? This dear reader is what I call (excuse the pun) a wake-up call.
    As many of you will know from working with me, situations like this mean we can learn a lot. And, from this long sleep, I learnt a lot.
    I wanted to share with you my tips on how I plan to re-balance and hopefully these tips will help you too with regard to finding your very own form of ‘balance’:-

    1. Schedule. Make me-time a priority.  Schedule half an hour or if you are that tight on time, even 10 minutes in your day and dedicate it to ‘going in’. Whether that be a walk in the park, some meditation, even just sitting on a chair and reading a book. Make me-time happen and your mind and body will be grateful.
    2. Self-love. It’s all very well giving to everyone else but it is not loving if you are not giving to you. It’s actually selfish, to you. Loving yourself means you are choosing to take some time to go in. You are making yourself a priority and when you do this, everything in life becomes just that bit easier because you have taken care of you first. It’s impossible to give if you have nothing in you to give.  Loving yourself by taking care of yourself means you will always be fuelled to give.
    3. Switch off. Take some time in your day to switch off all electronic devices. Trust me those emails will still be there and the voicemails won’t go anywhere either. Taking just half an hour away from technology will refuel your mind. Switch. It. Off.
    4. Nature rules. Get yourself into some nature. There is an incredibly calming effect on the mind and body when we go into nature. Be in a garden, a park or the coastline, get out of buildings and go find nature. Your mind will love you for it. You will feel refreshed and ready to re-start. Try it and you will understand. Nature rules.
    5. Look up. Sometimes when we take that moment to stop, look up and breathe we actually get to see a lot. Taking just a moment to simply look up can fill you with a lot of joy. As I type this newsletter and do exactly that, I’ve just seen a squirrel hanging out on the most precarious branch. It made me smile. All because I looked up.

    Happy balancing Friday to Y’all.