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    Fear Is A Four Letter Word

    Fear keeps you stuck, keeps you small, keeps you hiding in a shadow.

    Fear holds you back from who you really are.
    Fear is mean and takes no prisoners.
    But the thing is, you choose fear.  Its totally your choice.
    Fear is a feeling, created by a thought, a lie that you have made up and keep telling yourself.
    But here’s the thing.  When you were born, you were born fear-less.
    You were exploring.
    You were free.  You were laughing.
    You were learning to walk, you were falling over and getting straight back up again.
    So what’s changed…..?
    Age?  Nope.
    Life’s ups and downs?  Nope
    Broken hearts? Nope
    Failed dreams? Nope
    Your mind.  That’s what has changed.
    Your thought process.  That’s what.
    Being born fearless, means in my opinion, that you are fearless. 
    So if you are afraid of anything right now, it’s simply time to work on your thoughts.
    Thinking thoughts that create fear is not only exhausting but it means you are not living the life you are meant to be living.
    You are here to explore.
    You are here to challenge.
    You are here to be living your best life possible.
    You are here to do anything you want to do.
    You are here to feel amazing.
    Simply put, you are here to be fearless, to go out into the world and be you.  The real you.  The one that takes no crap from anyone, the one who has no interest in the opinions of others,  the one that puts effort and energy into the music they were born to play.  The one that loves feeling love and the one that truly believes that anything is possible.
    So please go forward, even just for today, with no fear.
    Amazing things can happen when your fearless.
    When you believe, truly believe that you have no reason to fear then the world becomes your oyster.
    When you are fearless you get things done.  You live your dreams.
    When you are open to knowing that you may fall but it will always be ok, then you are living in line with exactly why you were born to live.
    Courage is the key.
    Sent with love,
    PS  Please don’t be ‘afraid’ to share this….