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    There is something important I want you to think about.
    So many of us have this belief that when we get ‘there’ we will be happy.
    ‘There’ can be translated as when you ‘lose weight, get the job, find the husband, buy the house’ etc. etc. etc.
    We perpetuate this dream life that when we get this thing, we will finally have arrived at the door of happiness.
    Except I hate to burst your bubble, you won’t.
    You might get a 5 minute high, and that’s all cool but the real happiness you are looking for is not at that door.
    I am a big believer that happiness is actually an inside job and it starts and ends in your mind.
    If you lose the weight you wont be happy trying to sustain it.
    If you buy the house and get a leak, you wont be happy when you have to call the builders in.
    If you make the million, it will be fun for a bit, until you decide you now want another one….
    Catch my drift?
    So your aim should be to get to the goal of happiness, just via a different route.
    I’d like to propose an idea.
    That if you start to change your thinking, you’ll start to change your feelings.
    Feelings come from thoughts so when you learn how to manage those, you will realize, you can choose to be happy without any of the above.
    You can even choose to be happy right this very moment. If of course, you want to be.
    It’s as simple and as complicated as that.
    I’d be happy to chat with you in a session in my office, or if that’s not for you, just head on over to thelifeclass.com my online school teaching you how to do this in as little as 5 mins a day!
    How exciting is that – to know that you don’t even have to leave your sofa, go on a diet or worry about being single anymore.
    Mindset, mindset, mindset.