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    He Who Angers You…

    Anger. Yuck.
    Worst. Feeling. Ever.
    Probably more so if you have worked with me. Because you would have learnt that that no-one and nothing can make you angry. Except of course you. You make you angry. Sucks doesn’t it.
    But then the thing is this; once we really understand that how we think creates how we feel we become truly liberated. We start to own our power and we do not give it away. We gain control of our feelings and become empowered. Don’t you just love that!
    Why would anyone in their ‘right mind’ choose anger?
    Anger in the words of Budda is drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
    Anger hurts. Anger feels awful. It takes you down and it makes you sick. And usually, if you are the one feeling the anger, it’s the other person moving along in their merry way, oblivious.
    Anger is a waste of your good time. It gets you nowhere. Fast.
    In my opinion anger usually comes from having a big fat manual for other people. It comes from us thinking that just because we see something in a certain way, that others should too. It comes from us thinking that just because we do things a certain way, others should too. Manual = Anger.
    The Daily Telegraph asked for my tips of what to do when people get angry and I wanted to share that with you here. So take a read and please feel free to forward on to anyone you think may find this article of interest.
    Anyone know Solange’s email……
    Happy Days people, happy days x