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    How To Deal With Emotional Eating

    Emotional eating is a problem that lots of people face. The most important thing that I remind people who come to me with an emotional eating issue, is that you are not alone. I have helped thousands of men and women with emotional eating and body image issues and I want to assure you that not only is this a common issue that affects people from all walks of life, but it’s totally possible to change it.

    Don’t use a diet   

    When most people try to fix their eating problem, they immediately gravitate towards a strict diet and restriction to curb the amount of food they eat. So many people have the mentality that a diet is impossible to stick to but still try to do it anyway meanwhilst constantly resetting day after day as they fail to meet their targets.

    But ‘diets’ are not a good idea for anyone let alone people who are emotional eaters. Diets create the binge/restrict cycle and this is the opposite outcome of what you are going on a diet to do.

    With this being said, a different strategy needs to be taken into account when you’re trying to change your eating habits. The way I have helped lots of people with their emotional eating problems may seem counterintuitive, but trust me it works!       

    Eat More Not Less

    What I tell people to do in order to start to change emotional eating is to, at first, start to allow all foods.  Now I can hear the gasps through the computer screen, ‘are you crazy Jacqueline? I’m going to gain so much weight!’ The short answer to this is that if you are focussed purely on weight being your only drive to learn how to have peace around food you will never get to where you want to be.  Trying to let go of weight obsession by purely focussing on your weight will never get you there !

    This work is of course a process and everyone has a different journey but the important thing to remember is we are here to fix the mental side of the problem first. Once the mindset is changed, the physical side become secondary.

    As a tip, for example, if pizza is the food of choice that you go to when you’re feeling down and/or stressed, the first thing I would tell you to do is to eat more of it; eat pizza for every meal.  For like a whole 7 days.. By the seventh day of eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I guarantee you pizza is going to become something that holds no power over you anymore. This is one baby step towards how we retrain your brain to find peace with food.  There are of course many more steps but every journey starts with with the first step.

    Now some people may not be expecting something like this to overcome emotional eating, but after years of working with hundreds of people who I have helped overcome their emotional eating problems I can tell you that this works!  

    Come and have a chat with me so I can help you to stop looking at food as the enemy or something you battle with, and instead find real food peace.

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