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    How To Find Perfection In A Dark Place

    In this week’s blog post I am exploring how to find perfection in any dark place that you experience in your life.

    First and foremost, finding yourself in a dark place or rattled with negative thoughts is a completely normal thing. I don’t think I have ever met someone who has just set cruise control on life and not hit a bump along the way. These types of things happen to everyone and the big questions to answer are always the same.  

    Do you have the skills to take this negative experience and make something positive out of it? Can you make it a learning experience to grow from so that on the other side you can be a stronger, healthier version of you?

    You’re not alone

    One of the most common statements I get when sitting down and talking to people is that when they are going through dark times they feel as though they are all alone in their feelings. Each and every time I have to reassure people that this couldn’t be further from the truth; you are absolutely not the only one caught in a dark place. I find that reminding people of this fact, and helping them understand that the good times as well as the bad times are just an unavoidable part of life, brings a certain sense of solace to the people I speak with.

    Once people feel and understand that they are not alone I can then help them to start the process of regaining control by giving them the skills they need to climb out of the dark place and go forward with a more positive attitude. Every individual holds the keys to their own mind and there are endless ways to make yourself feel better in the moment. Ultimately this is why I love being a life coach, helping people to see the potential in themselves and giving them the tools to help them realise that they are in control, and that happiness is something that can be achieved.

    Seizing opportunity   

    When people come to me with problems or negative feelings, one of the things I often tell them is that even if you can’t control the situation you’re in, you can control the way you think about it.

    Being able to feel better in the moment and take control of your thoughts is the most useful thing you can do when trying to find happiness.

    People also tend not to recognise the opportunities of being in a dark place and this is one of the key ways I try to help people who come to see me. I’m a big believer in contrast; if you don’t know what you don’t like, then how can you know what you do like? It’s important to remind people that being in a bad place is not a bad thing, it’s only bad if you ‘think’ it’s bad and don’t do anything about it.

    The dark times are part of our life journey and everyone will go over some speed bumps along the way, believe me I can speak from my own personal experiences.

    The most important two points to remember are: you’re not alone and only you hold the keys for your own success. Finally, you’re stronger than you think and believe. Don’t let the bad times dictate how you go through life, seize the opportunities they offer and grow from all of your experiences, good and bad.