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    I Like To Ask ‘Why’ A LOT

    Like, A LOT.
    It’s so interesting to me how we can keep telling ourselves things (or if you have worked with me I explain it that we simply keep thinking certain thoughts) over and over and over.
    Eventually, those thoughts stick.  Thinking the same thought over again creates a belief.  The belief sticks.
    Like glue, except for you, this glue is stuck in your mind and its dangerous.
    Sometimes those thoughts just ain’t pretty.  Know what I mean?
    Like when you tell yourself it’s a good idea to ‘stay small’ and ‘not be noticed’
    Like when you tell yourself that ‘s/he will never be into me’
    Like when you tell yourself that you will never be cool around food
    Like when you tell yourself that you could never be that confident.
    You know.  The lies.
    The ones that sound like a broken record.
    The ones you tell yourself again. And Again. And again. And again.
    The ones that keep you stuck in the same place because ‘you’ve always done it that way’.
    Although, just because you have ‘always done it that way’ does not need to mean anything,
    It also does not mean that you have to continue to do it that way.
    Fascinating isn’t it…..
    So maybe you go to the fridge and eat standing up.  You don’t have to keep doing it.
    Maybe you don’t stand up for yourself around your family.  You don’t have to keep doing it.
    Maybe at work you hold back so as not to really shine.  You don’t have to keep doing it.
    You know my standard line and you know it’s coming at you again.
    Choose wisely.  And decide to do it differently.
    Even just for today.
    Try a different way.
    You will be amazed. Trust me.
    Go shine