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    As we get close to Christmas now is a great time to talk about how to “let it go”.
    Holiday season is not the time to be stressed, unless of course you want to be.
    Handing away your power, feeling like crap and then blaming everyone else is not my idea of a break.
    May I be so bold as to say I doubt it is yours either.
    So how do we “let it go” when we are surrounded by family and friends who we believe ‘push our buttons’.
    Here are my top 5 tips:-

    1. Throw away your manual. It goes something like this;  I arrive early so you should do the same. I give great presents so you should do the same.  I make and bring a great cake to your party, so you should do the same.  I would never say those things so you should do the same.  Get my drift? Everyone does things differently and it’s when we expect others to live by our manual that we hit emotional pain.  Pain for us, not them.  Just because it may not be the same way you would do it, doesn’t make them ‘wrong’ it just makes them and their way ‘different’ from you. Let go of the manual and you will find an instant stress relief. Let it go.
    2. It’s not that important.  You may want to remind yourself that those ‘things’ you are stressing about i.e. the perfect present, the perfectly set table or the perfectly decorated tree are not really that important at all. What’s important is the people you are with, the relationships you are building and the connections you are making. Keep it real.
    3. Be realistic.  Setting unrealistic expectations create stress. If you have to see 10 people but only really have time to see 6 of them, get realistic and start changing things around to fit your schedule in a stress free way. If you need to say ‘no’ more then so be it. This holiday season is time for a break so dear reader so maybe, it would be really kind, to actually give yourself one.
    4. Look for the good. Instead of looking for other people’s differences, try this Christmas to start looking for the good. Everyone has good inside them.  For example, instead of looking at your sister-in-law and thinking about how selfish she is because she didn’t x, y or z, do it differently and start to find the good, think about what a great mother she is or what a wonderful wife she is to your sibling. Seriously, let it go and look for the good.  It feels so much better.
    5. Be in the moment.  Time goes quickly. Kids grow up fast, parents get older and life moves on. When we learn to savior the moment instead of ‘doing’ the next thing on our list, we start to find peace.  The holiday season is about slowing down and enjoying some serious quality time.  Be in your moment. Let it go, relax, slow down and give yourself a present by being present.

    I hope you have an amazing, fun, wonderful, happy, enjoyable chilled out Christmas!
    And don’t forget to ‘let it go’!
    Sent with love