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    Letting Go of Past Negative Experiences

    Everybody goes through rough times, whether its a bad breakup, losing your job or saying goodbye to a beloved pet, negative times are just a part of life. What’s important though is that you don’t let those negative experiences define who you are. The only thing you can do is learn from those experiences and move forward into greener pastures.  

    When I look back at almost every negative experience I’ve had in my life, it has always opened up a door to something new and better. In the moment I understand how our minds can go to negative spaces and get wrapped up in the moment, but moving on to something better is always going to be the best way to deal with things. Looking back at these experiences and obsessing over what went wrong is one of the worst things you can do for your mental health.

    When you keep looking back at what went wrong, you are only wasting your own time. The past is the past and there is nothing you can do about it, what happened happened and the best thing to do is learn from it and look forward. I really do believe that when one door closes another opens and if you are too busy obsessing over the door that has closed you are not going to be able to jump through the bright new door that is about to open. From breakups to a job loss, those things were meant to be, it’s just how the universe works sometimes. It’s ok to feel sad and yet how sad you want to stay, is totally your choice. Moving forward in the right mindset is the only option you have to put yourself in a better mental space.

    It can be tremendously hard to let go of negative past experiences, I know from my own experience how hard it can be to get over some difficult times. I just want you to remember that the grass is always greener on the other side. Don’t spend valuable time focusing on the past, when you can spend that time building a better future for yourself. Things might be tough now but deep down you are stronger than you can even imagine, so let go of those negative moments, take the lessons you have learnt from it and stride forward with confidence because your future is bright.         

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