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    The Importance of Recharging Your Batteries

    This is something that may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people forget to do it. Taking a minute to recharge and break away from work is just as important as working hard at your job. One phrase I like a lot is, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’, this meaning if you work yourself to exhaustion, it will only hurt you in the long run. Everyone deserves a break, especially if your working excessive hours some well deserved ‘me’ time is vital for your productivity. Nothing good comes from burning out so remember to take a little time and do something special for yourself.     

    I’m constantly working with people who feel as though they are overworked and the main thing I hear is that they don’t take enough time for themselves. This is something that I used to struggle with too. When I get swamped with work I too can feel exhausted and so I schedule time for myself, even if it is just a few moments at the end of the day to give back to myself.

    When people I talk to hear me say they need to take time to recharge they start thinking of a week long holiday and how they can never find the time to do that. Though taking a holiday is necessary sometimes (and who wouldn’t like a week long trip to a sunny beach!), recharging your batteries can be as simple as putting the email down for the night, or leaving an hour early at work to take yourself to a movie.  All it takes is to put work away for a few hours and make sure the time is spent doing something you really love. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular, it just has to be something you enjoy and does not cause you stress.

    Taking the time to recharge is important, not only for your productivity but for your mental health as well. You need to take time out of your day to make sure your mental health is on track and do things that you love. If you do this then your happiness and productivity will be much better off.