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    Throw Away Your Manual

    This holiday season here is a tip;  throw away your manual.
    You know what I mean. We all have a manual.
    It goes something like this;  I arrive early so you should do the same. I give great presents so you should do the same.  I never leave a party before midnight so you should do the same.  I would never say those things so you should do the same.   Get my drift?
    The thing with having a manual is that you are giving yourself the unwanted present of self-induced stress.
    Stress is never your best choice feeling.  Especially during the holidays.
    Everyone does things differently.  Everyone has their own manual and that’s fine.
    That’s actually how it’s meant to be.
    It’s when we expect others to live by our manual that we hit emotional pain.  Pain for us, not them.
    This season it would be helpful to remember that whoever you are spending time with is always doing or saying what they know to do best in that very moment, they are living by their manual.   And so they should.
    Just because it may not be the same way you would do it, doesn’t make them ‘wrong’.   It just makes them and their way ‘different’ from you.
    Different is good.  It’s how we learn.  It’s how we grow.
    And usually, those people doing and saying different things from us, are our greatest teachers.
    So this Christmas I wish you lots of great teachers and tons of great feelings.
    Love always feels better than hate, anger or frustration.  But then you already know that.
    Happy holidays to all you wonderful clients who have touched my soul and taught me so much!
    Thank you.
    Sent with love from,
    P.s  I’m signing off for the holidays so my newsletters will back in 2018 from 5th January