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    Resilience – Keep Rising

    Watching the Wimbledon men’s finals got me thinking.
    Nobody deals with losses and setbacks, rising and falling better than an athlete.
    Djokovic won;  but if you think about how many times in his life he must have lost to win this match, it would be interesting.
    Every time he previously lost a match, it only served (excuse the pun) to help him get better and better.
    He consistently worked through his previous losses by remaining flexible but resilient.
    He raised his game even higher when he fell.
    It’s a positive mental attitude.
    Federer did not leave the court thinking ‘Well that’s it then I’m never competing again!’.
    Instead he will simply use the fall to push himself to train harder and smarter.  His fall will bring about an even bigger rise.
    Resilience, and rising when we fall, is what makes or breaks a setback.
    Resilience is itself a strength.  It’s the ability to successfully adapt to adversity or change.
    We can only ever know that we have truly grown from falling and rising again.
    So if you are going through something, if you think you aren’t doing enough, being enough, producing enough, achieving enough, if you think you may have ‘failed’ at something or that sometimes life is just ‘hard’ my advice would be to stop, take a moment, breathe in and see your own resilience.
    Your stronger than you think and more powerful than you could ever imagine.
    Keep rising…