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    Your Work

    If you want to change, and you are in pain.
    You have to do your work.
    It’s great to get help to learn how to do the changing. In fact, it is imperative.
    But don’t, under any circumstance, think that by going to get help from someone that they will ‘fix’ you.
    If you are open to grow and learn, you can become a happy human.
    But you have to do your work.
    I had a client the other day who was super negative.
    When she left she said ‘Well I still dont feel better’ and literally stormed out.
    And there in that one line, she said everything.
    She didn’t want to do her work.
    She didn’t want to ‘believe’ that things could get better.
    She didn’t want to help herself change how she felt.
    She was happier, in her pain.
    She was happier blaming others for how she felt.
    Sometimes this happens. We throw our toys out the pram and we hate everyone becuase we want answers, we want them now and we dont want to do any work.
    we want other people to take away our pain.
    Except they can’t.  It’s your work.
    And how amazing is it to know, that its all up to you.
    Its in your hands and in your power. If of course, you want it.
    Here’s a reminder that you are stronger than you think, all you have to do is start digging deeper to help yourself.
    It’s all in your mind.
    If you think negative you get negative, it’s totally your call.