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    I’ve come to realise more and more that we only suffer, truly suffer, when we do not accept what is.
    When we fight our reality, when we want something to be different, when we ‘expect’ things or people or places to be different, when we truly believe things ‘shouldn’t have been that way’ and when we we are adamant that it should have happened differently, we simply create pain.
    I know that when we are in the middle of that space, it’s not so easy to see it like that. When we are in the middle of that space all we can see is the ‘wrongness’ of it all.
    Sometimes it’s easier to blame people, hate on people and generally get fed up with life. Which is of course, always an option, but maybe not your finest choice.
    So what if, instead of that person place or thing being wrong, it’s actually and absolutely, right.
    What if we change our perspective?
    What if we find ways to start believing why that situation is absolutely how it’s meant to be?
    How would you feel?
    What would you do?
    What actions would you take?
    I can assure you with the right thoughts the feelings, action and outcome totally changes.
    Have faith. Start believing in something bigger.
    Start looking at the bigger picture.
    The universe always has bigger plans. Bigger than you could ever imagine.
    It might just be that because it’s happening that way, it was always meant to happen that way.
    It’s just a (different) thought.
    You’ve got this.