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    My friends at Sweaty Betty asked me if I could give their readers my top 5 tips for a healthier body image. I love working with Sweaty Betty as they really understand that health is so much more than just what you look like. I wanted to share my top tips with you this summer so that you can have an amazing holiday without the mental chatter about your body ruining your holiday! Hope you guys are all having a great Summer. Here’s my tips…

    5 tips for a healthier body image

    Everywhere we look nowadays there seems to be some form of body bashing. We live in a society where unrealistic images of women that are photoshopped or contorted into looking ‘perfect’ are the norm. With struggles around body image becoming more common, life coach Jacqueline Hurst shares her top tips for achieving a healthier body image this summer.
    Don’t stress
    This may sound obvious, but stressing out about your body is not helping you. If you are constantly judging yourself, you’re just going to make everything worse. If you’re filled with self doubt, it’s time to take a breath and relax and focus on the good things. I can guarantee that even the most ‘perfect’ girl on social media has something she doesn’t like about herself, so stop comparing and start appreciating. Make a list of positive features, this can be personality or aesthetics and stop the judgement.
    You’re more than your size 
    Let’s just get one thing clear, society has given a misconception that ties in being ‘worthy’ with being ‘tiny’. Well I say it’s time to question that, who is telling you to be worth something you have to be a certain size? It’s likely to be something you have seen, read or heard. Remember, we live in a culture where people feel it’s ok to comment on your size and shape. No, it isn’t, everyone is different and unique.
    Healthy is beautiful
    Instead of focusing on aesthetics, it’s time to focus on being well and healthy. Working out and looking after yourself is key, so instead of thinking ‘I want the perfect abs’, set yourself a goal such as reaching a new personal best, trying a new healthy recipe or practicing mindfulness. If you are looking after yourself, then I guarantee you will feel healthier and happier. My first tip for this is to eat your greens, adding one portion of fruit or vegetables to your meals a day is good for your skin, hair, gut and wellbeing.
    No comparing
    One of the dangers of social media is the constant barrage of ‘perfect’ images of bodies, holiday’s, food and more. First things first I say stop comparing. These girls? I can guarantee that they spend plenty of time on the sofa in their sweatpants carefully editing these posts. It’s never worth comparing your life to anyone elses, focus on the positive and remember Photoshop exists for a reason, everyone has cellulite, stretch marks and spots, whatever a photo says.
    Find the root
    And lastly, if you still feel the need to compare, take a look at where those thoughts stem from. Did you learn somewhere that you were not enough? If so, question the hell out of that thought and teach yourself to turn it around. It isn’t true. We are all given a set of beliefs and as adults we can challenge them.
    Jacqueline Hurst is a master life coach and clinical hypnotherapist. She has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, The Sunday Times, Harpers Baazar and The Daily Telegraph. Jacqueline is also the founder of the Life Class, an online personal course for self development. 
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