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    Break Up With Your Critic

    You know that little voice in your head that feeds you negative thoughts, that sometimes just doesn’t damn well stop.
    That’s the critic.
    It tells you things like: you’re not good enough, you are not clever enough, your hair doesn’t fall right, you aren’t pretty enough or thin enough, or built up enough, that you don’t deserve the good stuff, that if you could sort your (input whatever here!) out then you’d be accepted, that you have to ‘prove’ yourself or that you aren’t ok as you are…
    It’s like putting a song on repeat and keeping it on repeat. All. Day. Long.
    Not a really beautiful song though. One that makes you feel upbeat, relaxed or happy.
    No, if you have an inner critic it’s heavy metal rock. It gives you a headache, and pretty much exhausts your brain.
    Because. It. Doesn’t. Stop.
    Its sneaky this critic. It shows itself only to you, it’s just for you, its private and exclusive.
    It never goes public. No one else hears it, and you certainly don’t talk about it.
    It’s like an abusive relationship.
    The critic keeps abusing.
    But the thing is this. Not only is the critic a liar and a thief.
    It steals your joy.
    It breaks your happy.
    But actually, it’s entirely made up by you.
    Which in my opinion is great news, because if you started the relationship, then it’s you who can break up with it.
    The critic has got to go. Its over.
    It’s time to change the rules.
    If you choose to allow the critic to win, you fail.
    If you choose to allow the critic to come forward, thank it for sharing (with raised eyebrows), then find some evidence to the contrary.
    Well then, you might well find you win.
    You might well find that actually you are enough.
    You are just perfect as you are.
    You are capable and intelligent and beautiful inside and out.
    Because you choose to think the good stuff and once you have found evidence to back the good stuff up…well then….
    The critic gets smaller, quieter and doesn’t show up so much.
    Eventually, when you quit playing the game, it goes away.
    I dare you, go on, try it……