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    Growing “Pain”

    Many of you know about my hip operation last year.
    Recovery was meant to be 3 weeks.
    It turned out to be 3 months.
    I didn’t choose self pity, And I am adamant that because I got my thoughts right, The Life Class was born.
    I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gone out of my way to choose ‘excitement’.
    So I’ve been bumbling along, working hard and then last week.
    My hip went again.
    This time it was different. I hit the self pity hard for a good 24 hours.
    I winged and wined and told anyone that would listen about how ‘fed up’ I was.
    How ‘frustrating’ it was.
    I blamed my hip for everything that went wrong.
    Then I caught myself in the act.  Moaning away. It was really unattractive.
    So back to the ‘work’ it was. I had to get real and ask some questions.
    Why am I choosing to feel this way?
    Why am I choosing these miserable thoughts?
    What am I meant to be learning from this?
    If I choose to love myself through this, how different would I feel, what different actions would I take?
    All the questions I ask you guys when you’ve sat in front of me.
    And this is what I learnt.
    That this hip is a warning signal telling me I need to slow down.
    It’s my body’s way of telling me it needs to heal and I should respect it.
    It’s my body’s way of saying ‘hey, be kinder to me’.
    It’s my body’s way of saying ‘do the work’.
    And this is where I grow.
    So it’s with love that I write this to you today.
    If something is bothering you, do your work.
    Ask yourself your questions.
    Question why you are where you are.
    Question what you are thinking.
    Work out better ways to feel.
    Work out how you want to feel.
    And of course, and most importantly, you gotta work out better ways to think.
    And that dear reader, is you, growing.
    Your welcome.
    Jacqueline x

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    1. Thanks for another amazing article, had prompted me to sit down and do the work too.
      p.s I hope your feeling better..x..

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