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    Push Yourself….
    I don’t mean the whip wheedling, hammer bashing, woodpecker type of pushing yourself.
    I don’t mean the judgement, the bitching, the rude ‘you should have pushed harder, you should have gone further, you should have got the weight off, you should have never taken him back…’
    NO. That’s. Not. What. I. Mean. Because that is mean and that won’t get you anywhere.
    If being mean to yourself was the answer to getting what you wanted then I’m betting you’d have got there by now.
    So what do I mean when I say push yourself?
    I mean try. I mean believe and I mean don’t stop.  I mean keep walking the walk and keep talking the talk. I mean go out there and push all your amazing, unique qualities to go for what is rightly yours.
    There is no such thing as failure only experience and lessons.
    We are all totally capable of being, getting, doing, and having whatever we want.
    But we are not going to get there being mean…we aren’t going to push ourselves if we are being unkind.
    We can only push with love.
    We all have dreams and wants and desires – and the absolute truth is if we pushed ourselves with kindness, even just a little bit we would start on the road to real success.
    The key here is total belief that you can have ‘it’.
    Like really, really believing ‘it’ can and will be yours.
    You all know this comes down to the thoughts.
    So stop telling yourself why you can’t have it and start giving yourself all the reasons why you can.
    Go find your evidence that proves you can have it and guess what; there will be tons of that stuff around you.
    And then, push…
    Push for it
    Work for it
    Aim for it
    Focus on it
    Want it
    And then push harder
    All of the above recipe is to be undertaken with two very special ingredients: Love and zero judgement
    Happy Friday
    Sent with love