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    Reserve Judgement

    Sometimes we just feel off.
    We don’t feel like we are measuring up to our own expectations. You know, the unrealistic ones.
    We aren’t being kind enough. Smart enough. Efficient enough. Clever enough.  We should ‘know better’. We should have ‘got this by now’.
    We tell ourselves how rubbish we are, that we have ‘failed’ at being a wife, mother, boyfriend, father, daughter, normal eater, creative thinker or whatever.  And we hang out with our negativity, sit in a private self-pity party and believe we are totally justified in doing so.
    But, it’s not much fun.
    You see whilst we are busy making judgements on ourselves we are missing the most important lessons.
    Whilst we are busy telling ourselves how bad/stupid/wrong/ridiculous we are, what we are actually doing is wasting our own time.
    Seriously.  Think about that. You. Wasting. Your. Own. Time.  Like huh?
    You see the Universe has an amazing way of working, sending us the same lesson over and over again until we DEAL WITH OUR STUFF.
    So although we may think that turning to self-judgement is the key to change, the reality is actually the opposite.
    What we have to change is the  internal record.
    Messing up doesn’t mean something’s wrong with us.
    And actually, it’s all going down as it should.
    So beating up on yourself and being unkind to yourself is not just mean, it’s pointless.
    It’s so much nicer just to notice.  To be curious, be fascinated and remain consciously aware.
    And of course, be patient with yourself.
    And then get back to working on what matters to you most.
    Just keep moving forward, with kindness.