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    Sometimes it’s hard to stay open.
    Life throws us challenges and it can close us down, piss us off and make us wonder what it’s all about.
    These time’s are the toughest and the ones that we can allow to either make us or break us.
    It’s always up to us how we want to handle these times.
    With fight or fear.
    With love or hate.
    With humor or terror.
    It’s always up to us.
    Staying open during these times are ultimately what makes us the strongest.  These are the times that make us.
    The challenge is how to stay open.
    How to believe when we have lost belief.
    How to be open when all we want to do is shut down.
    The answer lies in your mindset, your ability to make something light or heavy.
    The ability to create pleasure or pain.
    Your ability to look at the situation with kindness, compassion and love.
    To treat yourself like you would someone you love during a tough time.
    To look for the lesson, the understanding and the reason as to why this situation has been presented and how you can grow from it.
    It starts with staying open.
    The universe loves you. It is always working for you in your favor.
    The thing is if you believe you won’t have it, it won’t come.
    If you believe it will never happen to you, it won’t happen for you.
    If you believe that in any way you are lacking, you will fill your life with lack.
    So how about you change the record?
    How about you challenge the hell out of your negative belief and start believing that the opposite is true.
    Because the truth is the world needs you.
    It needs you to believe the good.
    It needs you to believe you are worth it, you can do it, have it or create it.
    All you have to do is believe. Truly start to believe in the good, the openness and the ‘fact’ that anything can happen.
    Stay open and know that it’s all there for the taking.
    When you stay open you are able to learn. Don’t shut down. Be bigger.
    Stay open, so that you can see the order of things.
    Stay open, so that you can be close to reality.
    Stay open, so that you are ready for good ideas,
    Stay open, because you can.
    You’ve got this.