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    I once met with ‘business mentor’.  It didn’t go so well.
    He was a really lovely man.
    And we disagreed on the idea of ‘success’.
    He told me the only way I would ever be successful is if I made a million (or two).
    I told him I already was successful and it had nothing to do with money.
    He looked at me puzzled.
    He didn’t get it. His only requirement for success in his view, was money.
    If you are thinking along the same lines, then I want to challenge you on your view of success, just as I did with him.
    So many clients come to me saying that they will only be successful once they [insert the one thing herethey think they need; which could be lose a stone, buy a house, get a girlfriend, make a million].
    They really believe that having something makes them successful.
    I beg to differ.
    Real success, in my humble opinion, comes from within.
    Real success, in my humble opinion, is a concrete inner peace.
    You can’t buy it, you can’t borrow it, and you can’t pretend to own it.
    You see, you can have the biggest house on the street and still have crazy thoughts that make you think you are unsuccessful.
    You can have the so called desired body shape our society covets but ultimately be sitting on a beach utterly miserable.
    You can have the girlfriend/wife/husband/child/lover but you can still think you are ‘less than’ anyone else you know.
    You can have the million pounds in your bank, hell you can have the billion, but yet you can still believe that this is nowhere near enough and not be able to sleep at night.
    And if any of those sentences above apply, then how can this possibly be a success?
    Success is about a thought pattern, a piece of mind that comes from a desire to grow, be and learn and ultimately find a peace within yourself that is priceless.
    Success is about choosing to really love yourself and know that you have enough and you are enough.  Right here and right now.
    It is not about what you have, look like or do.
    Re-define success.
    And do it on your own terms.
    Happy Friday.