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    Success Can Be Quiet

    Success can be quiet

    It’s ok to be quietly successful.  Really.   
    In today’s terms we defining ‘success’ by being ‘known’.  It seems we are in an age that to be ‘successful’ you have to keep giving away more and more and more of yourself and your work.  It’s not enough to simply be great at what you do anymore.  You have to shout about it, blog about it, tweet about it, Instagram it and if your super lucky get ‘featured’ for it.  You’ve got to have ‘blogs’ and ‘followers’, ‘likes’ and ‘feeds’.  And were not talking small scale we are talking BIG BIG BIG numbers.  Like, less than 360,000 and who are you?
    Society will have you believe that unless you are featured in a highly successful newspaper, magazine or even ideally on TV, then clearly, you are NO-ONE!!
    You might as well not bother.  Right?
    Er no, totally wrong.
    I think society’s mindset currently is stopping some amazing people doing some amazing things. And that is what bothers me.
    There are so many of you guys who have a gift and I don’t want you to hold it back because of society’s views.
    I want you to live big no matter what. 
    It isn’t right that the only way to be successful is to have all of the above.
    Success can be quiet.
    Success can be under the radar and most importantly success can be defined in your own terms.
    If you are waiting to do something amazing, but think there is no point because it is not big enough, I would like to ask you to expand.
    Expand your mind. Expand your thinking and expand your actions…I’d also like to offer you some tips.

    1. Define success in real terms for you.  Are you living how you want to live?  Are you loving and giving and doing all that you can to get your work out?  If you are, you’re successful because you are not sitting on your ass.
    2. Have you ever grown from a really tough experience?  Then you’re successful because you didn’t stay in your misery and you learnt an important lesson.
    3. Are you working on your ‘personal development’  are you working on becoming a better human being, a better person that is giving back to people, to our planet, being kind and considerate?  Are you conscious and aware?  Super cool. You hit success because being awake is uncommon.
    4. Do you have good friendships and loving relationships around you? That is success in itself.

    Don’t get taken in by having to prove yourself.  Don’t rely on how many followers you have on social media or how many likes a picture gets. Instead just promise yourself that you will be the best you that you can be, without anyone else’s approval.
    Put out into the world the real and authentic you. You can’t be more successful than that.