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    The gang at Sweaty Betty asked me this week for my top 5 speedy tips to spring clean your mind. With the new season, bright(er) weather and longer days it is the perfect excuse for spring cleaning so if your wardrobe, home and pantry are in shape, here are her top five tips for your mind.
    Don’t compare
    Social media is full of six-packs, idyllic beach scenes, yachts and immaculate styling. The first thing I’d say when your scrolling through someone’s picture perfect Instagram feed is remember this is an edited reel of highlights, life on social media is only a snapshot of reality. Everyone has less glamorous moments on the sofa, with their hair up and a glass of wine in hand, despite their Instagram feed. Remind yourself every time you choose to look at what other people are doing, it’s not worth making a comparison.
    Compromise is required in pretty much all relationships because we are all different, though why not take the time this spring to reassess whether your relationships are on a equal level? Problems can occur if you give up your wants or needs the majority of the time, so take a step back and assess the balance. It may be a good time to step out of toxic patterns, or reassess the situation.
    Live for you
    A huge part of many of my clients’ lives is taken up by taking care of everyone else, leaving them with no time for themselves. As much as it is important to consider others (I’m not telling you to be selfish!), try and take some time and consider yourself, even if it’s only five minutes a day. Read a book, run a bath, go to your favourite workout class – this small non-negotiable priority will relieve stress and increase happiness.
    Don’t worry, be happy
    I teach my clients that worry is a feeling, created by a thought. Once we realise that worrying will not change our outcome, we can begin to accept whatever is going to happen. No amount of worry is going to help you; it can only ever hold you back. So, start to become more conscious of what you are thinking about, when you think these negative thoughts, think happy and focus on the positive. Sound too hard? The second you begin a negative thought cycle, think or write down three things you are grateful for today, it works every time.
    And breathe…
    My number one tip for being mindful? Focus on your breath and be present. When you wake up each day take a couple of minutes to notice your breathing. Sense the flow of the breath, the rise and fall of your belly. Don’t feel that you need to fill up all your time with doing. Take some time to simply be. When your mind wanders to thinking, gently bring it back to your breath. My other tip is to notice what you are doing and tune into your senses. For example, when you’re eating, notice the colour, texture and taste of the food, you’ll automatically appreciate it more.
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