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    I use the word ‘art’ because it is an art when it comes to surrendering. In today’s society, we are taught that to get what we want, we have to push. Hard. To get along in life we are taught to work hard, push hard, fight hard, sweat hard and not stop until you get ‘there’. In our new wave of 24/7 culture, we are engulfed in social media seeing pictures of everyone ‘working hard for it’. I’m OK with this train of thought sometimes but at other times, this is actually the opposite approach to getting what we want.

    Just let go

    I took a yoga class last week and the teacher said something that really resonated. Her words were ‘some of you will need to work harder to get into this pose, and some of you, well some of you will need to let go and just allow it to be what it is, surrender into it without a fight’.
    It really made sense. You see it is often in the surrender of our internal battles that we grow. It’s in the surrender of our fight that we learn. It’s in the surrender that we become who we are truly meant to be. And it’s the surrendering that creates a space to allow us to change our perspective. It is a very fine balance. This is not to say you sit on your ass and don’t do your work. In fact, it is the opposite, it is learning to do your work with acceptance as your baseline and moving onwards from there. Because there is an art in surrendering to ‘what is’. And that is where the magic happens.


    ‘Acceptance’ is always the answer to all of our problems today. So if you find yourself pushing at something, having given it your all and yet you are still in the ‘fight’, then maybe it’s time to step back…
    Let go.
    And watch the magic happen.
    Sending love,
    Jacqueline x


    1. This is so true and sums up my life at present completely. I push and push and don’t seem to get where I want to be and then I end up putting too much pressure on myself and panicking which has the reverse effect. Sometimes to step back and say it’s okay to surrender it doesn’t mean you have failed but I fact you are strong enough to accept and walk away into another direction.

    2. Thanks, maybe very timely advice. Am feeling like Sisyphus atm and fed up with the weight of the boulder, the hillside strewn with rubble and not even being able to see the summit.

      1. Hi Matthew glad this was timely. Please keep up to date with our posts and don’t forget you can always get in touch with us for a session at any time via the site. There is always a way!

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