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    The thing is this; everyone has an opinion.
    And get this; Everyone is also allowed their own opinion.
    Even if it doesn’t match yours.
    Shock, horror!
    You see, just because their opinion does not match yours, it doesn’t make them ‘wrong’.
    And just because theirs doesn’t match yours doesn’t make you wrong either. 
    It also doesn’t mean you need to adhere.
    What it does mean is that it’s good to be open and hear other people’s views and opinions, even if we don’t agree.
    And it is even better to be open and hear their opinion without creating a conflict (for yourself).
    We have a tendency of looking at life from one perspective even though we swear we are not ‘closed minded’.
    Except most of the time we are.
    When we are able to listen to other people’s opinions without making ourselves wrong, without making them wrong and without confrontation or malice we have grown up into emotional adulthood.
    When you know yourself well enough and you have your own back enough, you can hear other people’s opinions without any negative feelings attached.
    You are stronger in mind than you know.
    You are able to choose peace over frustration.
    You are able to understand different doesn’t mean wrong.
    Allow everyone their opinion and you find peace.
    In the words of Dr Pepper ‘try it, you might like it’.