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    Ah, romance. Just what everyone needs…right?
    The Valentine’s Day marketing machine is in full swing and if you are single, by choice or by circumstance then this is a blog post for you.
    It’s hard to see the ‘right’ perspective when you’re bombarded with romantic adverts on TV, flower shops heaving with roses or heart shaped everything at the checkout of your local grocery store.
    But fear not. You can be happy being single on Valentine’s day. Seriously. You can. Here’s my tips:-

    • Love your singleness. Think about all the fabulous benefits of being single, from having the whole bed to yourself, not fighting over what to watch on TV, to being able to keep the kitchen as clean or as messy as you’d like.  The “couples” messaging is strong, even more so for Valentine’s Day but please do not forget that this isn’t a reflection of the full reality of how people live their lives; don’t fall for the hype or the media’s made up dream that everyone is paired off, totally in love and always happy.
    • Get some Perspective. You will not be the only single person on the planet on Valentine’s Day.  I promise you. While some single people might be feeling miserable, some of them will actually be choosing to have a great day, laughing, going out and having fun. It’s your choice.
    • Be Grateful. There will be some people in couples, where one of them will not want to celebrate and the other will. That person will no doubt be under pressure to conform. They will have to buy a gift and celebrate the occasion even though they really find the whole thing stupid.  But they have to do it, because their partner wants them to…Poor buggers.
    • Spread Love. To Yourself.  Remind yourself that Valentine’s Day which is about ‘love’ can also be about you choosing to love you. You can shower all the love you have, towards yourself. That means you can have a full on day of radical self-care with love for yourself being at the top of the agenda.  Be selfish!
    • Be happy within yourself regardless of your relationship status.  I tell this to my single clients a lot. So many people think that it takes another person to complete them. As if they will only be happy when they have a spouse. The thing is, if you are living your life in ‘lack’ your energy is wah-wah and the opposite sex, they feel it and run a mile! Desperation doesn’t smell good.  The art here is to learning how to love your life, single.  Seriously, this is actually the key to then finding the right relationships.  Because loving your life, single means you become willing to live in the moment and you choose to be happy.  Only then can you create honest, connected, whole relationships with others. You gotta love you first.
    • Things are not always what they seem from the outside. Just because people are married or in relationships it doesn’t mean that they are living a happy ever after.  You may well see lots of couples on Valentine’s Day looking loved up and happy but you really never know what goes on behind closed doors. That couple could actually be on the verge of breaking up or she could be having an affair with his best mate!  Seriously though, you just never know.

    Hopefully these tips will help you to keep the perspective right and remember that you just never know what can happen next. So choose to be happy and choose to enjoy your day no matter what you do.
    Sent with ‘love’