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    Vitality – why on earth does it often seem so elusive?
    It ultimately means ‘the state of feeling strong and energized’ but for the many clients that walk through my door, vitality is not something they are very familiar with.
    Obviously they know what it means but not many of them say they actually feel it.
    It’s more likely that they feel shattered, stressed or anxious.
    Which I always think is a fascinating choice.
    You see, feeling strong or feeling energized are two of the most powerful feelings in the world.
    Those feelings don’t come from having things, buying things or pretending to feel them.
    They come from your mind.
    Ultimately whatever you think creates an energetic level in your life.  You think negative things, you feel shattered, you think neutral things you feel OK, you think positive things and you feel like you are energized by magic fairy dust (except it isn’t really because it still all comes from your mind!).
    So how do I help people to start to feel full of vitality, even in the depth of winter, even if they feel ‘shattered’, even if they have just broken up with their boyfriends or didn’t get the job they wanted?
    It’s simple. It’s about getting your mind straight and the rest follows.
    Thinking about what you are thinking about, getting conscious is key.
    If you want to feel strong, you have to think strong.  You have to think thoughts that make you feel strong.
    If you want to feel energized you have to think thoughts that make you feel like you could run for miles, you think thoughts that make you feel energized.
    If you want to feel re-vitalized you have to think thoughts that make you feel like you can do anything. Which of course, you can.
    And when you re-train your brain into thinking right, you will be amazed at not only how you feel, but also what you do.
    You’ll find yourself heading to that latest dance shuffle boot camp pumped up party class.
    You’ll find you are taking your kids to the park a little more ‘just because you feel great’.
    You’ll find you might want to just have a little more special time with your other half because that strength you just found feels so good.
    You’ll find that sitting on the bus for the whole way may not be your style and you might just get up and walk the last part.
    All of that by changing the one thing you have complete control to change, which is of course, your mind.
    You’ve so got this.
    Rock on mind nija, rock on.
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    PPS This blog will also be featured on the Inner Me website of which I am their ‘Mrs Life Coach’ another great blog for all you people who like to supplement their health. Google ‘Inner Me’