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    Excuses Aren’t Your Friend

    Any time you are feeling a negative feeling – and I mean any time- ask yourself what excuse you are giving to yourself.
    You might argue for your negativity.
    You might justify your negativity.
    You might be giving you a tonne of excuses.
    You might be giving everyone else a tonne of your excuses too…
    You might claim that you have ‘no choice’ or believe you are absolutely entitled to feel that way.
    And of course, you are entitled to feel however you want.
    You might be 100% adamant that there is simply no other way to feel.  None. Zero.
    You might think this is it.  You own this negative party.
    That feeling like this is the only way to feel.
    But, even if you are “right”, you are still in that feeling.
    Read that again if you want.
    You see, sometimes you need to fully feel a feeling before you can begin to change it.
    And that is OK.
    You can take as long as you like.
    You have all the time in the world to hang with your negativity.
    You can have a little negative party too if you want.
    Even though negative feelings totally suck.  Like who wants to feel that way?
    So let me gently remind you of something pretty awsome…that negative feelings are only ever generated from negative thinking.
    And the amazing thing is that you can always control and change your thoughts.
    But of course, only if you want to.
    You see any negative feeling you have is always your choice.
    So you whilst you might not always want to change it, the most empowering thing is, you always can.
    Powerful.  Aren’t you…
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