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    ‘Worried About People Taking Advantage Of Me For My Money’

    Relationships can be tricky and when you’re wealthy it can be even more so. Wealth can bring some amazing benefits as well as bigger responsibilities and when you are wealthy who you have in your life becomes very important, making sure the people around you are there because they love you for you, not for what you can ‘give’ or ‘do’ for them. When it comes to being wealthy, it is important to be aware of who is in your life and if they are there for the right reasons. . .. You need to be careful about who you are letting into your inner circle.

    There is an unfortunate part of becoming successful that seems to plague most people that I speak with. When you have something great, you are going to attract people who want part of that greatness. It always happens that wealthy people attract others who want something from them, so it’s important for you to recognise these people and not let them damage your success. It is important to be aware of people’s behaviors, or “friends” who seem to pop out of nowhere. You may find that certain people are being overly nice, as if they are setting you up to owe them a favor. When you have this kind of wealth you need to be really conscious of who you are letting into your life.

    Before being able to see if people are trying to get something out of you, having a grounded idea of who you are and being comfortable with that is going to help you figure out people who are just trying to use you. Understanding yourself first is going to help you better understand other people and sense their motivation. It is important to be able to see who your true friends are and who the takers  are, because what the takers want is something far different from a genuine connection, friendship or relationship.

    Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t mean you should close yourself off and become paranoid about people trying to use you. There are going to be lots of great people in your life that want to see you succeed and help you achieve your goals. The goal is trying to find those people and keep them close to you, while recognising people who want to use you  The people who care for you the most will be the ones looking out for you without requiring anything in return.