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    Yes You Can !
    Some days I just can’t be bothered.  I can’t be bothered to get up, I can’t be bothered to type newsletters and I can’t be bothered to make polite conversation with anyone.   I can’t be bothered to even get my favourite black filter 99p coffee from pret-a-manger (even though all the lovely staff in there only ever smile really big smiles and say hello).  I just simply can’t be bothered.
    This lasts about 5 minutes and then I start laughing.    Literally I laugh.
    Because “I can’t”  is a ridiculous thought.  It’s allowed when your 4 or 5 years old but after that, seriously…..
    Anyone who has worked with me knows how important it is to be honest to themselves.
    “I can’t” is dishonest and dishonest doesn’t work.  It doesn’t feel good.  It’s like lighting a match to a fire, it brings everything down.
    “I can’t” is a label.  Its labelling yourself as disabled, stunted, less than, not as good as, frustrated, beaten.
    And who wants to feel any of those feelings?
    In my view, we are only beaten when we truly believe our own lies.  We are only beaten when we have given up on trying.  We are only beaten when we keep hold of thoughts that posion us and believe them to be true.
    We are not beaten if we are still in the game.
    And if you are reading this, HELLO YOU ARE STILL IN THE GAME.
    So don’t tell you, that you can’t.
    Because the truth is, you can, and you will.  You are strong enough, you are able, you are capable and you can achieve anything at all with the right mindset.
    If you need a few tips on how to change the can’t to can’s then read on:-
    1. Is it true that you can’t? Like really ask yourself is it true that you can’t actually do this thing.  I doubt it.
    2. What tape are you playing in your head? What are you really telling yourself over and over – if the thought is negative the result is negative. Write down all the thoughts in your head one by one and then question question question….
    3. Look for role models. Look at someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and start to take on their thinking. For example if you are telling yourself you can’t start a business, take on Richard Branson as your role model and ask yourself what would he do….
    4.  Evidence. Go find it. Go find as much evidence as you can to prove that you can.  In other words stop looking for evidence that you can’t.  Its boring.  Go look for proof that it’s totally possible why you can and it’ll shock you – you might start seeing how amazing you actually are.
    5. Ask for help. Sometimes we all need a little help. We all get a little stuck sometimes.  The best way to get unstuck is to ask for help from friends, family or get in touch with me. There is always help available all you need to do is ask.  Because you can.
    Start taking control of your mind and you will find that it’s all possible.
    Happy can-caning