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    I often tell my clients and students to choose their words very carefully.
    You never know who is listening.
    Especially when that person is you.
    The quiet little words they tell themselves again and again is obvious in their outcomes.
    A common little phrase kept popping up in my office this week.
    Two little words that cause so many people to stay small and behind self-imposed prisons.
    ‘I can’t’ is a party pooper.
    The party being your life.
    I’m not too sure that choosing those words are very helpful when trying to live your best life ever.
    I’m also not too sure that when you tell yourself this, that it is even actually true.
    This week, try something different. Instead of telling yourself ‘I can’t’ try asking yourself  the following;
    ‘What would happen if I could?’
    ‘What would life be like if I actually did?’
    ‘What evidence do I have to prove that I can’
    I can is powerful, empowering and totally true.
    I can’t is dis-empowering, hurtful and possibly a lie.
    Change your words and you change your life.
    Because actually, you bloody well can.