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    Most people believe there are only ever two options when it comes to feeling feelings.
    Avoid them like the plague.
    Or react with crazy actions like a crazy person.
    It’s cause and effect.
    When I explain to my clients that both those options will only ever lead us down a road which is ultimately further away from where we really want to be, they look at me like I’m the one that’s crazy.
    They always believe they are ‘justified’ in feeling those feelings.
    They always believe they are ‘justified’ in reacting like a crazy person.
    But what they don’t believe is that they don’t have to do either of these things.
    You see, both reacting and avoiding is a painful road.  Painful by the way, for you, not ‘them’.
    So here’s a tip when you next feel you want to avoid or react to a feeling you do not want to feel…
    The best way to process a feeling, to process an emotion is ultimately by ALLOWING it.
    It seems like such a simple concept, but we find it challenging in practice.
    Sitting with feelings that don’t feel good is our ultimate work.
    Feeling and allowing all feelings to be just what they are is where the gold happens.
    When we choose not to judge it, to disallow it, to run away from it or to react to it we become strong.
    The better we get at allowing our feelings, the less powerful those feelings become.
    You may not be able to change the cause but you can always change the effect.
    Take your power back.
    Happy Feeling Friday


    1. thank you and I hope you had a nice peaceful time ….. your latest blog is excellent, thanks … MoiraA

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