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    I sat watching the men’s final’s at Wimbledon on Sunday with awe and admiration.
    Both players fighting hard to ‘win’.
    Having trained all their lives these two powerhouses were giving it everything they had.
    And then, Novak Djokovic won.
    And as he did, he put his hands up to the air and then bent down to ‘eat the grass’.
    It was an interesting move.
    When it was time to be presented with his prize, he was asked ‘Djokovic, why did you eat the grass?’
    He replied ‘Ever since I was a child I wanted to win Wimbledon and I told myself when I did, I would eat the grass’.
    It brought tears to my eyes.
    Because this is exactly what life is about.
    We are all good at something.  When we hone it,  work at it and make it amazing, when we put out into the universe what we want, when we try and fail and keep working at it, when we don’t give up, when we truly ‘believe’, when we visualize and manifest and get the right energy flowing, when we give that thing all we have and more, when our thoughts are totally in line with what we want, then our dreams really do come true.
    Proof in is the tennis (sorry I had to).
    If we are spending a lot of our time in the wrong head space we are getting the wrong outcome.
    ‘It’s never going to happen to me’ was not Djokovic’s mantra.
    It was more like ‘when it happens I will eat the grass’.
    Get your mantra right.
    Get your head right.
    And most importantly, believe in yourself.
    It can’t happen until you do.
    Love sent,

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