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    I like evidence.
    In fact, I like evidence a lot.
    My clients and students talk to me often about thoughts they have that hurt.
    They don’t start off aware that the hurt comes from their thinking.
    If they did they wouldn’t choose those thoughts.
    They tell themselves lies and make those lies, fact.
    They tell themselves things like ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not thin enough’, ‘I’m not clever enough’
    All terribly painful.
    Even more so when they actually believe those thoughts to be true.
    And then they live accordingly.
    Making your thoughts a fact can be troublesome.
    And this is where evidence comes in.
    When we think about a thought process, it is simply a mental construct in the mind formed from a belief system we have been given or created by the good intentions of others, our ancestors, our gender, race, geography etc.
    Our belief system is simply like us putting on a record each morning to play in our mind.
    Over and over and over again.
    In fact, 98% of what we think is a repeated thought.
    But how many of us question what we are thinking?
    How many of us stop, take a moment and challenge our own mind?
    Not many of us.
    Instead we prefer to create a thought, make it a fact and start living in line with it.
    And then we become surprised that the outcomes we are getting are not what we want at all.
    Enter; my good friend evidence.
    Not the negative evidence that is a lie.
    The positive evidence that is fact.
    Re-read the above two sentences.
    You see you are conditioned to look for evidence to back up a thought either way, but why go for negative when the positive just feels so damned good.
    Re-training your brain requires a little energy but starting to change the record, looking for evidence to back up the positive has some surprisingly good effects.
    Like starting to feel better
    Starting to act better
    Starting to get better
    And starting to live in line with the outcomes you do want.
    So evidence, ultimately, rocks.
    Just make sure you are looking for the right evidence when the next crazy thought comes along.
    Happy Friday